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AliStHbtTrack Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

int GetCharge ()
void SetCharge (int charge)
int GetNTpcHits ()
void SetNTpcHits (int nHits)
void SetP (double Px, double Py, double Pz)
double GetPx ()
double GetPy ()
double GetPz ()
void SetTrackId (int id)
int GetTrackId ()
void SetPidProbElectron (float pid)
float GetPidProbElectron ()
void SetPidProbPion (float pid)
float GetPidProbPion ()
void SetPidProbKaon (float pid)
float GetPidProbKaon ()
void SetPidProbProton (float pid)
float GetPidProbProton ()
void SetVertex (float vx, float vy, float vz)
float GetVertexX ()
float GetVertexY ()
float GetVertexZ ()
void SetdEdx (float dedx)
float GetdEdx ()
void SetImpactParameters (float xy, float z)
float GetImpactParameterXY ()
float GetImpactParameterZ ()
unsigned int GetTopologyMap (int word)
void SetTopologyMap (int word, unsigned int map)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 7 of file AliStHbtTrack.h.

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