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BbcDE Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void AddDE (uint16_t ipmt, float de)
float GetDE (uint16_t ipmt)
short GetADC (uint16_t ipmt)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 106 of file StBbcSimulationMaker.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

short BbcDE::GetADC ( uint16_t  ipmt)

returns digitized (ADC) amplitude

Definition at line 135 of file StBbcSimulationMaker.cxx.

References GetDE().

Referenced by StBbcSimulationMaker::Make().

float BbcDE::GetDE ( uint16_t  ipmt)

returns DE in pC of PMT signal

Definition at line 124 of file StBbcSimulationMaker.cxx.

Referenced by GetADC(), and StBbcSimulationMaker::Make().

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