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DIGPlane Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for DIGPlane:

Public Member Functions

void SetDimensions (Float_t Xdimension, Float_t Ydimension, Float_t Zdimension)
void SetPitch (Float_t PitchX, Float_t PitchY)
void SetNpixels (Int_t NpixelsX, Int_t NpixelsY)
void SetNoiseElectrons (Float_t NoiseElectrons)
void SetTemperature (Float_t Temperature)
void SetIonizationEnergy (Float_t IonizationEnergy)
void SetSegmentSize (Float_t SegmentSize)
void SetMaximumSegmentSize (Float_t MaximumSegmentSize)
void SetMaximumChargePerSegment (Float_t MaximumChargePerSegment)
void SetDiffusionMaximumRange (Float_t DiffusionMaximumRangeInX, Float_t DiffusionMaximumRangeInY)
void SetReflexionCoefficient (Float_t ReflexionCoefficient)
void SetBasicModel_SigmaTenMicrons (Float_t BasicModel_SigmaTenMicrons)
void PrintInfo ()
Float_t GetPitchX ()
Float_t GetPitchY ()
Float_t GetXdimension ()
Float_t GetYdimension ()
Float_t GetZdimension ()
Int_t GetNpixelsX ()
Int_t GetNpixelsY ()
Float_t GetNoiseElectrons ()
Float_t GetTemperature ()
Float_t GetIonizationEnergy ()
Float_t GetSegmentSize ()
Float_t GetMaximumSegmentSize ()
Float_t GetMaximumChargePerSegment ()
Float_t GetDiffusionMaximumRangeInX ()
Float_t GetDiffusionMaximumRangeInY ()
Float_t GetReflexionCoefficient ()
Float_t GetBasicModel_SigmaTenMicrons ()

Protected Member Functions

 ClassDef (DIGPlane, 1)

Protected Attributes

Float_t fPitchX
Float_t fPitchY
Float_t fXdimension
Float_t fYdimension
Float_t fZdimension
Int_t fNpixelsX
Int_t fNpixelsY
Float_t fNoiseElectrons
Float_t fTemperature
Float_t fIonizationEnergy
Float_t fSegmentSize
Float_t fMaximumSegmentSize
Float_t fMaximumChargePerSegment
Float_t fDiffusionMaximumRangeInX
Float_t fDiffusionMaximumRangeInY
Float_t fReflexionCoefficient
Float_t fBasicModel_SigmaTenMicrons

Detailed Description

Definition at line 36 of file digplane.h.

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