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EditableFilter< Filtered > Member List

This is the complete list of members for EditableFilter< Filtered >, including all inherited members.

_acceptedCount (defined in Filter< Filtered >)Filter< Filtered >protected
_analyzedCount (defined in Filter< Filtered >)Filter< Filtered >protected
_description (defined in Described)Describedprotected
_editable (defined in Parameters)Parametersprotected
_enabled (defined in Parameters)Parametersprotected
_name (defined in Named)Namedprotected
accept(const Filtered *filtered) const =0 (defined in Filter< Filtered >)Filter< Filtered >pure virtual
add(Parameter *parameter) (defined in Parameters)Parameters
attach(Observer *) (defined in Subject)Subjectvirtual
begin() (defined in Parameters)Parameters
begin() const (defined in Parameters)Parameters
Described(const string &aDescribe=" ")Describedprotected
detach(Observer *) (defined in Subject)Subjectvirtual
EditableFilter() (defined in EditableFilter< Filtered >)EditableFilter< Filtered >
EditableFilter(const string &name, const string &description) (defined in EditableFilter< Filtered >)EditableFilter< Filtered >
EditableParameters() (defined in EditableParameters)EditableParameters
EditableParameters(const string &name, const string &description) (defined in EditableParameters)EditableParameters
EditableParameters(const EditableParameters &parameter) (defined in EditableParameters)EditableParameters
end() (defined in Parameters)Parameters
end() const (defined in Parameters)Parameters
Filter() (defined in Filter< Filtered >)Filter< Filtered >
filter(const Filtered *filtered) (defined in Filter< Filtered >)Filter< Filtered >inline
getAcceptedCount() (defined in Filter< Filtered >)Filter< Filtered >
getAnalyzedCount() (defined in Filter< Filtered >)Filter< Filtered >
getDescription() const Described
getName() const Named
getParameter(const string name) (defined in Parameters)Parameters
initialize()=0 (defined in Parameters)Parameterspure virtual
isDescribed() const Described
isDescription(const string &description) const Described
isName(const string &aName) const Named
mObservers (defined in Subject)Subjectprotected
Named(const string &aName=" ")Namedprotected
notify() (defined in Subject)Subjectvirtual
ObserverVec typedefSubject
operator=(const EditableParameters &parameter) (defined in EditableParameters)EditableParameters
operator=(const Parameters &parameter) (defined in Parameters)Parameters
Parameters() (defined in Parameters)Parameters
Parameters(const string &name, const string &description) (defined in Parameters)Parameters
Parameters(const Parameters &parameter) (defined in Parameters)Parameters
parameterVector (defined in Parameters)Parametersprotected
reset() (defined in Filter< Filtered >)Filter< Filtered >inlinevirtual
sameDescriptionAs(const Described &described) const Described
setDescription(const string &description)Described
setEditable(bool value)Parametersinline
setEnabled(bool value)Parametersinline
setName(const string &newName)Named
Subject() (defined in Subject)Subject
unset() (defined in Filter< Filtered >)Filter< Filtered >inlinevirtual
~Described() (defined in Described)Describedvirtual
~EditableFilter() (defined in EditableFilter< Filtered >)EditableFilter< Filtered >virtual
~EditableParameters() (defined in EditableParameters)EditableParametersvirtual
~Filter() (defined in Filter< Filtered >)Filter< Filtered >virtual
~Named() (defined in Named)Namedvirtual
~Parameters() (defined in Parameters)Parametersvirtual
~Subject() (defined in Subject)Subjectvirtual