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EventHeader Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void Set (Int_t i, Int_t r, Int_t d, Int_t t)
void SetE (Float_t tz, Float_t dv, Float_t ck)
void SetE (Float_t tz, Float_t dv, Float_t ck, Float_t tg)
void SetDriftDistance (Double_t p)
void SetInnerSectorzOffset (Double_t p)
void SetOuterSectorzOffset (Double_t p)
void SettriggerTimeOffset (Double_t p)
void SetOnlClock (Double_t p)
void SetBField (Float_t p)
Int_t GetEvtNum () const
Int_t GetRun () const
Int_t GetDate () const
Int_t GetTime () const
Float_t tZeor ()
Float_t DriftVel ()
Float_t Clock ()
Float_t OnlClock ()
Float_t Trigger ()
Float_t DriftDistance ()
Float_t InnerSectorzOffset ()
Float_t OuterSectorzOffset ()
Float_t triggerTimeOffset ()
Float_t GetBField ()

Public Attributes

Int_t fEvtNum
Int_t fRun
Int_t fDate
Int_t fTime
Float_t ftZero
Float_t fDriVel
Float_t fDriVelWest
Float_t fDriVelEast
Float_t fClock
Float_t fTrigger
Float_t fDriftDistance
Float_t fInnerSectorzOffset
Float_t fOuterSectorzOffset
Float_t ftriggerTimeOffset
Float_t fOnlClock
Float_t fBField
Float_t fScaleY

Detailed Description

Definition at line 132 of file LaserEvent.h.

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