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EvtBcBsStarNPi Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for EvtBcBsStarNPi:
EvtBcToNPi EvtDecayAmp EvtDecayBase

Public Member Functions

virtual void init ()
virtual void initProbMax ()
virtual std::string getName ()
virtual EvtDecayBaseclone ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from EvtBcToNPi
 EvtBcToNPi (bool printAuthorInfo=false)
std::string getName ()
EvtDecayBaseclone ()
void initProbMax ()
void init ()
void decay (EvtParticle *p)
- Public Member Functions inherited from EvtDecayAmp
void makeDecay (EvtParticle *p, bool recursive=true)
void setWeight (double weight)
void vertex (const EvtComplex &amp)
void vertex (int i1, const EvtComplex &amp)
void vertex (int i1, int i2, const EvtComplex &amp)
void vertex (int i1, int i2, int i3, const EvtComplex &amp)
void vertex (int *i1, const EvtComplex &amp)
const EvtAmpamplitude () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from EvtDecayBase
virtual std::string commandName ()
virtual void command (std::string cmd)
virtual std::string getParamName (int i)
virtual std::string getParamDefault (int i)
double getProbMax (double prob)
double resetProbMax (double prob)
virtual bool matchingDecay (const EvtDecayBase &other) const
EvtId getParentId () const
double getBranchingFraction () const
void disableCheckQ ()
void checkQ ()
int getNDaug () const
EvtIdgetDaugs ()
EvtId getDaug (int i) const
int getNArg () const
int getPHOTOS () const
void setPHOTOS ()
void setVerbose ()
void setSummary ()
double * getArgs ()
std::string * getArgsStr ()
double getArg (unsigned int j)
double getStoredArg (int j) const
double getNStoredArg () const
std::string getArgStr (int j) const
std::string getModelName () const
int getDSum () const
int summary () const
int verbose () const
void saveDecayInfo (EvtId ipar, int ndaug, EvtId *daug, int narg, std::vector< std::string > &args, std::string name, double brfr)
void printSummary () const
void printInfo () const
void setProbMax (double prbmx)
void noProbMax ()
void checkNArg (int a1, int a2=-1, int a3=-1, int a4=-1)
void checkNDaug (int d1, int d2=-1)
void checkSpinParent (EvtSpinType::spintype sp)
void checkSpinDaughter (int d1, EvtSpinType::spintype sp)
virtual int nRealDaughters ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from EvtDecayBase
static void findMasses (EvtParticle *p, int ndaugs, EvtId daugs[10], double masses[10])
static void findMass (EvtParticle *p)
static double findMaxMass (EvtParticle *p)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from EvtBcToNPi
double _ee (double M, double m1, double m2)
double _pp (double M, double m1, double m2)
EvtComplex Fpi (EvtVector4R q1, EvtVector4R q2)
double pi3G (double m2, int dupD)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from EvtDecayBase
bool daugsDecayedByParentModel ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from EvtBcToNPi
int nCall
double maxAmp2
double _maxProb
double FA0_N
double FA0_c1
double FA0_c2
double FAm_N
double FAm_c1
double FAm_c2
double FAp_N
double FAp_c1
double FAp_c2
double FV_N
double FV_c1
double FV_c2
double Fp_N
double Fp_c1
double Fp_c2
double Fm_N
double Fm_c1
double Fm_c2
double _beta
double _mRho
double _gammaRho
double _mRhopr
double _gammaRhopr
double _mA1
double _gammaA1
- Protected Attributes inherited from EvtDecayAmp
EvtAmp _amp2
- Protected Attributes inherited from EvtDecayBase
bool _daugsDecayedByParentModel

Detailed Description

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