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EvtGenDecays Class Reference


struct  Signal

Public Member Functions

 EvtGenDecays (Pythia *pythiaPtrIn, string decayFile, string particleDataFile, EvtExternalGenList *extPtrIn=0, EvtAbsRadCorr *fsrPtrIn=0, int mixing=1, bool xml=false, bool limit=true, bool extUse=true, bool fsrUse=true)
double decay ()
void exclude (int id)
void updatePythia ()
void updateEvtGen ()
void readDecayFile (string decayFile, bool xml=false)

Public Attributes

bool extOwner
bool fsrOwner
std::list< EvtDecayBase * > models
map< int, Signalsignals
string signalSuffix

Protected Member Functions

void updateData (bool final=false)
void updateEvent (Particle *pyPro, EvtParticle *egPro, vector< int > *pySigs=0, vector< EvtParticle * > *egSigs=0, vector< double > *bfs=0, double *wgt=0)
bool checkVertex (Particle *pyPro)
bool checkSignal (Particle *pyPro)
bool checkOsc (EvtParticle *egPro)

Protected Attributes

EvtGenRandom rndm
set< int > incIds
set< int > excIds
bool updated
map< int, Signal >::iterator signal
double tau0Max
double tauMax
double rMax
double xyMax
double zMax
bool limitTau0
bool limitTau
bool limitRadius
bool limitCylinder
bool limitDecay

Static Protected Attributes

static const int NTRYDECAY = 1000

Detailed Description

Definition at line 87 of file EvtGen.h.

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