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EvtManyDeltaFuncLineShape Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for EvtManyDeltaFuncLineShape:

Public Member Functions

 EvtManyDeltaFuncLineShape (double mass, double width, double maxRange, EvtSpinType::spintype sp)
EvtManyDeltaFuncLineShapeoperator= (const EvtManyDeltaFuncLineShape &x)
 EvtManyDeltaFuncLineShape (const EvtManyDeltaFuncLineShape &x)
EvtAbsLineShapeclone ()
double getMassProb (double mass, double massPar, int nDaug, double *massDau)
double getRandMass (EvtId *parId, int nDaug, EvtId *dauId, EvtId *othDaugId, double maxMass, double *dauMasses)
- Public Member Functions inherited from EvtAbsLineShape
 EvtAbsLineShape (double mass, double width, double maxRange, EvtSpinType::spintype sp)
EvtAbsLineShapeoperator= (const EvtAbsLineShape &x)
 EvtAbsLineShape (const EvtAbsLineShape &x)
double getMass ()
double getMassMin ()
double getMassMax ()
double getMaxRange ()
double getWidth ()
EvtSpinType::spintype getSpinType ()
virtual double rollMass ()
void reSetMass (double mass)
void reSetWidth (double width)
void reSetMassMin (double mass)
void reSetMassMax (double mass)
virtual void reSetBlatt (double)
virtual void reSetBlattBirth (double)
void includeBirthFactor (bool yesno)
void includeDecayFactor (bool yesno)
void setPWForDecay (int spin, EvtId d1, EvtId d2)
void setPWForBirthL (int spin, EvtId par, EvtId othD)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from EvtAbsLineShape
bool _includeDecayFact
bool _includeBirthFact
double _mass
double _massMin
double _massMax
double _width
double _maxRange
std::vector< EvtId_userSetPWD1
std::vector< EvtId_userSetPWD2
std::vector< int > _userSetPW
std::vector< EvtId_userSetBirthPar
std::vector< EvtId_userSetBirthOthD
std::vector< int > _userSetBirthPW
EvtSpinType::spintype _spin

Detailed Description

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