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EvtTensorParticle Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for EvtTensorParticle:

Public Member Functions

void init (EvtId part_n, double e, double px, double py, double pz)
void init (EvtId part_n, const EvtVector4R &p4)
void init (EvtId part_n, const EvtVector4R &p4, const EvtTensor4C &, const EvtTensor4C &, const EvtTensor4C &, const EvtTensor4C &, const EvtTensor4C &)
EvtTensor4C epsTensorParent (int i) const
EvtTensor4C epsTensor (int i) const
EvtSpinDensity rotateToHelicityBasis () const
EvtSpinDensity rotateToHelicityBasis (double alpha, double beta, double gamma) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from EvtParticle
 EvtParticle ()
virtual ~EvtParticle ()
virtual EvtVector4C epsParent (int i) const
virtual EvtVector4C eps (int i) const
virtual EvtVector4C epsParentPhoton (int i)
virtual EvtVector4C epsPhoton (int i)
virtual EvtDiracSpinor spParent (int) const
virtual EvtDiracSpinor sp (int) const
virtual EvtDiracSpinor spParentNeutrino () const
virtual EvtDiracSpinor spNeutrino () const
virtual EvtRaritaSchwinger spRSParent (int) const
virtual EvtRaritaSchwinger spRS (int) const
void addDaug (EvtParticle *node)
void decay ()
void deleteTree ()
void deleteDaughters (bool keepChannel=false)
void setChannel (int i)
void makeDaughters (unsigned int ndaug, EvtId *id)
void makeDaughters (unsigned int ndaug, std::vector< EvtId > idVector)
double initializePhaseSpace (unsigned int numdaughter, EvtId *daughters, bool forceResetMasses=false, double poleSize=-1., int whichTwo1=0, int whichTwo2=1)
EvtParticlegetDaug (int i)
EvtParticlenextIter (EvtParticle *rootOfTree=0)
void makeStdHep (EvtStdHep &stdhep, EvtSecondary &secondary, EvtId *stable_parent_ihep)
void makeStdHep (EvtStdHep &stdhep)
EvtVector4R getP4Lab () const
EvtVector4R getP4LabBeforeFSR ()
EvtVector4R getP4Restframe () const
EvtVector4R get4Pos () const
EvtParticlegetParent () const
void insertDaugPtr (int idaug, EvtParticle *partptr)
double mass () const
int firstornot () const
void setFirstOrNot ()
void resetFirstOrNot ()
EvtId getId () const
int getPDGId () const
EvtSpinType::spintype getSpinType () const
int getSpinStates () const
const EvtVector4RgetP4 () const
void setP4 (const EvtVector4R &p4)
void setP4WithFSR (const EvtVector4R &p4)
void setFSRP4toZero ()
int getChannel () const
size_t getNDaug () const
void resetNDaug ()
void printTree () const
void printTreeRec (unsigned int level) const
std::string treeStr () const
std::string treeStrRec (unsigned int level) const
void printParticle () const
void setLifetime (double tau)
void setLifetime ()
double getLifetime ()
void setDiagonalSpinDensity ()
void setVectorSpinDensity ()
void setSpinDensityForward (const EvtSpinDensity &rho)
void setSpinDensityForwardHelicityBasis (const EvtSpinDensity &rho)
void setSpinDensityForwardHelicityBasis (const EvtSpinDensity &rho, double alpha, double beta, double gamma)
EvtSpinDensity getSpinDensityForward ()
void setSpinDensityBackward (const EvtSpinDensity &rho)
EvtSpinDensity getSpinDensityBackward ()
void noLifeTime ()
void setId (EvtId id)
void initDecay (bool useMinMass=false)
bool generateMassTree ()
double compMassProb ()
void setMass (double m)
bool isInitialized ()
bool hasValidP4 ()
bool isDecayed ()
double * decayProb ()
void setDecayProb (double p)
std::string getName ()
void setAttribute (std::string attName, int attValue)
int getAttribute (std::string attName)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from EvtParticle
typedef std::map< std::string,
int > 
- Protected Member Functions inherited from EvtParticle
void setp (double e, double px, double py, double pz)
void setp (const EvtVector4R &p4)
void setpart_num (EvtId particle_number)
- Protected Attributes inherited from EvtParticle
bool _validP4
EvtAttributeMap _attributes

Detailed Description

Definition at line 27 of file EvtTensorParticle.hh.

Member Function Documentation

EvtTensor4C EvtTensorParticle::epsTensor ( int  i) const

Returns tensor in the particles own restframe for a spin 2 particle.

Reimplemented from EvtParticle.

EvtTensor4C EvtTensorParticle::epsTensorParent ( int  i) const

Returns tensor in the parents restframe for a spin 2 particle.

Reimplemented from EvtParticle.

void EvtTensorParticle::init ( EvtId  part_n,
const EvtVector4R p4 

Initialiaze particle with id and 4momentum.

Implements EvtParticle.

EvtSpinDensity EvtTensorParticle::rotateToHelicityBasis ( ) const

Returns a rotation matrix need to rotate the basis state to the helicity basis. The EvtSpinDensity matrix is just use as a matrix here. This function is to be implemented in each derived class.

Implements EvtParticle.

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