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FMSCluster::StFmsClusterFinder Class Reference

#include <StFmsClusterFinder.h>

Public Types

typedef std::list
< FMSCluster::StFmsTower * > 

Public Member Functions

 StFmsClusterFinder (double energyCutoff=0.5)
virtual ~StFmsClusterFinder ()
void calculateClusterMoments (StFmsTowerCluster *cluster) const
int categorise (StFmsTowerCluster *cluster)
int categorise2 (StFmsTowerCluster *cluster)
double momentEnergyCutoff () const
int findClusters (TowerList *towers, ClusterList *clusters, int detetorId)

Detailed Description

Form clusters from a collection of FMS towers.

Generate a list of StFmsTowerCluster from a collection of StFmsTower.

Definition at line 57 of file StFmsClusterFinder.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FMSCluster::StFmsClusterFinder::StFmsClusterFinder ( double  energyCutoff = 0.5)


The argument sets the energy cutoff on towers - towers below this are not included in the calculation of the cluster moments (mean and sigma x, y).

Definition at line 351 of file StFmsClusterFinder.cxx.

FMSCluster::StFmsClusterFinder::~StFmsClusterFinder ( )


Definition at line 354 of file StFmsClusterFinder.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

void FMSCluster::StFmsClusterFinder::calculateClusterMoments ( StFmsTowerCluster cluster) const

Calculate moments (mean and sigma of tower (x, y) positions) for a cluster.

Also update the cluster with the current number of towers in it.

Definition at line 356 of file StFmsClusterFinder.cxx.

References FMSCluster::StFmsTowerCluster::calculateClusterMoments(), FMSCluster::StFmsTowerCluster::cluster(), and FMSCluster::StFmsTowerCluster::towers().

Referenced by findClusters().

int FMSCluster::StFmsClusterFinder::categorise ( StFmsTowerCluster cluster)

Categorise a cluster based on its energy and tower distribution.

Set the cluster's category field and return that category. See StFmsClusterCategory in StEvent/StFmsCluster.h for valid categories.

Definition at line 362 of file StFmsClusterFinder.cxx.

References FMSCluster::StFmsTowerCluster::cluster(), k1PhotonCluster, k2PhotonCluster, and kAmbiguousCluster.

int FMSCluster::StFmsClusterFinder::findClusters ( TowerList *  towers,
ClusterList *  clusters,
int  detetorId 

Find clusters from a collection of input towers.

Populate the cluster list with the found clusters. Arguments:

  • towers: input tower list. Note it may be modified (elements erased or reordered) so do not rely on its contents after calling findClusters().
  • clusters: output cluster list. Newly found clusters are appended to the list.

Return the number of found clusters.

Check that this sort action is still needed

Definition at line 407 of file StFmsClusterFinder.cxx.

References calculateClusterMoments().

double FMSCluster::StFmsClusterFinder::momentEnergyCutoff ( ) const

Return energy cutoff on towers used when calculating cluster moments

Definition at line 87 of file StFmsClusterFinder.h.

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