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GFull Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void SetMag (const double h[3])
void SetGlob (const double pos[3], const double uvn[3][3])
void SetPars (double qpinv, double uc, double vc, double u, double v, int sig=1)
void SetPars (const double pars[5], int sig)
void SetPars (int icharge, const TVector3 pos, const TVector3 mom)
TVectorD GetPars (int *iSig=0) const
void SetBigPars (int icharge, const TVector3 pos, const TVector3 mom)
const TVectorD & GetBigPars () const
const double * GetBigErrs () const
void MakeTrak ()
void SetErrs (const double emx[15])
TVector3 Pos () const
TVector3 Dir () const
TVector3 Mom () const
double SinL () const
double CosL () const
double TanL () const
double Lam () const
double Psi () const
double Pti () const
double Pinv () const
double Imp () const
const double * BigErrs () const
const double * XtdPars () const
const double * XtdErrs () const
void FillDcaPars (StDcaGenFit &dca)
void FillDcaErrs (StDcaGenFit &dca)
TVectorD BigVal () const
double BigDer (int ib, int iu)

Static Public Member Functions

static void TestConvertErrs ()

Public Attributes

GFGlob mGlob
GFitPars mPars
GFitErrs mErrs
TVector3 mPos
TVector3 mDir
double mqPinv
TVectorD mBigPars
double mBigErrs [kNBigErrs]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 145 of file genFitDca.h.

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