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HepMC::GenVertex::particle_iterator Class Reference

particle iterator More...

#include <GenVertex.h>

Inheritance diagram for HepMC::GenVertex::particle_iterator:

Public Member Functions

 particle_iterator (GenVertex &vertex_root, IteratorRange range)
 used to set limits on the iteration
 particle_iterator (const particle_iterator &)
particle_iteratoroperator= (const particle_iterator &)
 make a copy
GenParticleoperator* (void) const
 return a pointer to a particle
particle_iteratoroperator++ (void)
 Pre-fix increment.
particle_iterator operator++ (int)
 Post-fix increment.
bool operator== (const particle_iterator &) const
bool operator!= (const particle_iterator &) const

Protected Member Functions

GenParticleadvance_to_first_ ()
 "first" particle More...

Detailed Description

particle iterator

Iterates over all particles connected via a graph. by iterating through all vertices in the m_range. For each vertex it returns orphaned parent particles (i.e. parents without production vertices) then children ... in this way each particle is associated to exactly one vertex and so it is returned exactly once. Is made friend so that it can access protected edge iterator

Definition at line 339 of file GenVertex.h.

Member Function Documentation

GenParticle * HepMC::GenVertex::particle_iterator::advance_to_first_ ( )

"first" particle

if the current edge is not a suitable return value ( because it is a parent of the vertex root that itself belongs to a different vertex ) it advances to the first suitable return value

Definition at line 900 of file

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