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HepMC::HeavyIon Class Reference

The HeavyIon class stores information about heavy ions. More...

#include <HeavyIon.h>

Public Member Functions

 HeavyIon ()
 default constructor
 HeavyIon (int nh, int np, int nt, int nc, int ns, int nsp, int nnw=0, int nwn=0, int nwnw=0, float im=0., float pl=0., float ec=0., float s=0.)
 The first 6 values must be provided. More...
 HeavyIon (HeavyIon const &orig)
 copy constructor
HeavyIonoperator= (HeavyIon const &rhs)
 make a copy
void swap (HeavyIon &other)
 swap two HeavyIon objects
bool operator== (const HeavyIon &) const
 check for equality More...
bool operator!= (const HeavyIon &) const
 check for inequality More...
int Ncoll_hard () const
 Number of hard scatterings.
int Npart_proj () const
 Number of projectile participants.
int Npart_targ () const
 Number of target participants.
int Ncoll () const
 Number of NN (nucleon-nucleon) collisions.
int spectator_neutrons () const
 Number of spectator neutrons.
int spectator_protons () const
 Number of spectator protons.
int N_Nwounded_collisions () const
 Number of N-Nwounded collisions.
int Nwounded_N_collisions () const
 Number of Nwounded-N collisons.
int Nwounded_Nwounded_collisions () const
 Number of Nwounded-Nwounded collisions.
float impact_parameter () const
 Impact Parameter(in fm) of collision.
float event_plane_angle () const
 Azimuthal angle of event plane.
float eccentricity () const
float sigma_inel_NN () const
 nucleon-nucleon inelastic (including diffractive) cross-section
bool is_valid () const
 verify that the instance contains non-zero information
void set_Ncoll_hard (const int &i)
 set number of hard scatterings
void set_Npart_proj (const int &i)
 set number of projectile participants
void set_Npart_targ (const int &i)
 set number of target participants
void set_Ncoll (const int &i)
 set number of NN (nucleon-nucleon) collisions
void set_spectator_neutrons (const int &i)
 set number of spectator neutrons
void set_spectator_protons (const int &i)
 set number of spectator protons
void set_N_Nwounded_collisions (const int &i)
 set number of N-Nwounded collisions
void set_Nwounded_N_collisions (const int &i)
 set number of Nwounded-N collisons
void set_Nwounded_Nwounded_collisions (const int &i)
 set number of Nwounded-Nwounded collisions
void set_impact_parameter (const float &f)
 set Impact Parameter in fm
void set_event_plane_angle (const float &f)
 set azimuthal angle of event plane
void set_eccentricity (const float &f)
 set eccentricity of participating nucleons in the transverse plane
void set_sigma_inel_NN (const float &f)
 set nucleon-nucleon inelastic cross-section

Detailed Description

The HeavyIon class stores information about heavy ions.

HepMC::HeavyIon provides additional information storage for Heavy Ion generators in GenEvent. Creation and use of this information is optional.

Definition at line 45 of file HeavyIon.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HepMC::HeavyIon::HeavyIon ( int  nh,
int  np,
int  nt,
int  nc,
int  ns,
int  nsp,
int  nnw = 0,
int  nwn = 0,
int  nwnw = 0,
float  im = 0.,
float  pl = 0.,
float  ec = 0.,
float  s = 0. 

The first 6 values must be provided.

Required members are the number of hard scatterings, the number of projectile participants. the number of target participants. the number of nucleon-nucleon collisions, the number of spectator neutrons, and the number of spectator protons.

Definition at line 178 of file HeavyIon.h.

Member Function Documentation

float HepMC::HeavyIon::eccentricity ( ) const

eccentricity of participating nucleons in the transverse plane (as in phobos nucl-ex/0510031)

Definition at line 110 of file HeavyIon.h.

Referenced by HepMC::operator<<(), and operator==().

bool HepMC::HeavyIon::operator!= ( const HeavyIon a) const

check for inequality

any nonmatching member generates inequality

Definition at line 254 of file HeavyIon.h.

bool HepMC::HeavyIon::operator== ( const HeavyIon a) const

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