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HepMC::IO_AsciiParticles Class Reference

event input/output in ascii format for eye and machine reading More...

#include <IO_AsciiParticles.h>

Inheritance diagram for HepMC::IO_AsciiParticles:

Public Member Functions

 IO_AsciiParticles (const char *filename="IO_AsciiParticles.dat", std::ios::openmode mode=std::ios::out)
 constructor requiring a file name and std::ios mode
void write_event (const GenEvent *evt)
 write this event
bool fill_next_event (GenEvent *evt)
 get the next event
void write_comment (const std::string comment)
void setPrecision (int iprec)
 set output precision
int rdstate () const
 check the state of the IO stream
void clear ()
 clear the IO stream
void print (std::ostream &ostr=std::cout) const
 write to ostr
- Public Member Functions inherited from HepMC::IO_BaseClass
GenEventread_next_event ()
 do not over-ride More...
virtual GenEvent *& operator>> (GenEvent *&)
 the same as read_next_event
virtual const GenEvent *& operator<< (const GenEvent *&)
 the same as write_event
virtual GenEvent *& operator<< (GenEvent *&)
 the same as write_event

Protected Member Functions

bool write_end_listing ()
 write end tag

Detailed Description

event input/output in ascii format for eye and machine reading

Strategy for reading or writing events as machine readable ascii to a file. When instantiating, the mode of file to be created must be specified.

Definition at line 54 of file IO_AsciiParticles.h.

Member Function Documentation

void HepMC::IO_AsciiParticles::write_comment ( const std::string  comment)

insert a comment directly into the output file — normally you only want to do this at the beginning or end of the file. All comments are preceded with "HepMC::IO_AsciiParticles-COMMENT\n"

Definition at line 202 of file

References write_end_listing().

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