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HepMC::IO_GenEvent Class Reference

IO_GenEvent also deals with HeavyIon and PdfInfo. More...

#include <IO_GenEvent.h>

Inheritance diagram for HepMC::IO_GenEvent:

Public Member Functions

 IO_GenEvent (const std::string &filename="IO_GenEvent.dat", std::ios::openmode mode=std::ios::out)
 constructor requiring a file name and std::ios mode
 IO_GenEvent (std::istream &)
 constructor requiring an input stream
 IO_GenEvent (std::ostream &)
 constructor requiring an output stream
void write_event (const GenEvent *evt)
 write this event More...
bool fill_next_event (GenEvent *evt)
 get the next event
void write_comment (const std::string comment)
int rdstate () const
 check the state of the IO stream
void clear ()
 clear the IO stream
void print (std::ostream &ostr=std::cout) const
 write to ostr
void use_input_units (Units::MomentumUnit, Units::LengthUnit)
void precision (int)
int error_type () const
 integer (enum) associated with read error
const std::string & error_message () const
 the read error message string
- Public Member Functions inherited from HepMC::IO_BaseClass
GenEventread_next_event ()
 do not over-ride More...
virtual GenEvent *& operator>> (GenEvent *&)
 the same as read_next_event
virtual const GenEvent *& operator<< (const GenEvent *&)
 the same as write_event
virtual GenEvent *& operator<< (GenEvent *&)
 the same as write_event

Detailed Description

IO_GenEvent also deals with HeavyIon and PdfInfo.

event input/output in ascii format for machine reading extended format contains HeavyIon and PdfInfo classes

Strategy for reading or writing events using iostreams When instantiating with a file name, the mode of file to be created must be specified. Options are: std::ios::in open file for input std::ios::out open file for output std::ios::trunc erase old file when opening (i.e. ios::out|ios::trunc removes oldfile, and creates a new one for output ) std::ios::app append output to end of file for the purposes of this class, simultaneous input and output mode ( std::ios::in | std::ios::out ) is not allowed.

Event listings are preceded by the key: "HepMC::IO_GenEvent-START_EVENT_LISTING\n" and terminated by the key: "HepMC::IO_GenEvent-END_EVENT_LISTING\n" GenParticle Data tables are preceded by the key: "HepMC::IO_GenEvent-START_PARTICLE_DATA\n" and terminated by the key: "HepMC::IO_GenEvent-END_PARTICLE_DATA\n" Comments are allowed. They need not be preceded by anything, though if a comment is written using write_comment( const string ) then it will be preceded by "HepMC::IO_GenEvent-COMMENT\n" Each event, vertex, particle, particle data, heavy ion, or pdf info line is preceded by "E ","V ","P ","D ","H ","F " respectively. Comments may appear anywhere in the file – so long as they do not contain any of the start/stop keys.

Definition at line 63 of file IO_GenEvent.h.

Member Function Documentation

void HepMC::IO_GenEvent::precision ( int  size)

set output precision The default precision is 16.

Definition at line 96 of file

void HepMC::IO_GenEvent::use_input_units ( Units::MomentumUnit  mom,
Units::LengthUnit  len 

needed when reading a file without units if those units are different than the declared default units (e.g., the default units are MeV, but the file was written with GeV) This method is not necessary if the units are written in the file

Definition at line 79 of file

References HepMC::set_input_units().

void HepMC::IO_GenEvent::write_comment ( const std::string  comment)

insert a comment directly into the output file — normally you only want to do this at the beginning or end of the file. All comments are preceded with "HepMC::IO_GenEvent-COMMENT\n"

Definition at line 162 of file

References HepMC::write_HepMC_IO_block_end().

void HepMC::IO_GenEvent::write_event ( const GenEvent evt)

write this event

Writes evt to output stream. It does NOT delete the event after writing.

Implements HepMC::IO_BaseClass.

Definition at line 143 of file

References HepMC::write_HepMC_IO_block_begin().

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