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L2VirtualAlgo Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for L2VirtualAlgo:
L2adc2energyAlgo L2gammaAlgo L2jetAlgo2006 L2pedAlgo L2upsilon2006

Public Member Functions

void setOflTrigID (int x)
int getOflTrigID ()
bool isAccepted ()
bool accepted ()
const char * getName ()
 L2VirtualAlgo (const char *name, L2EmcDb *db, char *outDir, int resOff)
virtual int initRun (int runNo, int *rc_ints, float *rc_floats)=0
virtual bool doEvent (int L0trg, int inpEveId, TrgDataType *trgData, int bemcIn, unsigned short *bemcData, int eemcIn, unsigned short *eemcData)=0
virtual void finishRun ()=0
const char * name () const

Static Public Member Functions

static int readParams (const char *fileN, int mxPar, int *iPar, float *fPar)

Protected Member Functions

void finishCommonHistos ()

Protected Attributes

char mName [mxTxt]
char mOutDir [mxTxt]
FILE * mLogFile
FILE * mHistFile
int mResultOffset
int oflTrigId
bool mAccept
unsigned long mEveTimeStart
unsigned long mEveTimeStop
unsigned long mEveTimeDiff
int mEventsInRun

Detailed Description

Definition at line 27 of file L2VirtualAlgo.h.

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