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L2wBemc2012 Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for L2wBemc2012:

Public Types

enum  { mxBtow =(BtowGeom::mxEtaBin) * (BtowGeom::mxPhiBin) }
- Public Types inherited from L2VirtualAlgo2012
enum  EmcSwitch { kIsBad =0, kIsBtow, kIsEtow, kIsB_Etow }

Public Member Functions

 L2wBemc2012 (const char *name, const char *uid, L2EmcDb2012 *db, L2EmcGeom2012 *geo, char *outDir, int resOff)
int initRunUser (int runNo, int *rc_ints, float *rc_floats)
void finishRunUser ()
void computeUser (int token)
bool decisionUser (int token, int *myL2Result)
void print1 (int token)
void print2 ()
void print3 ()
void print4 (int token, int hitSize)
- Public Member Functions inherited from L2VirtualAlgo2012
 L2VirtualAlgo2012 (const char *name, const char *uid, L2EmcDb2012 *db, char *outDir, bool needsbarrel, bool needsendcap, int resOff)
void setOflTrigID (int x)
int getOflTrigID ()
bool isAccepted ()
const char * getName ()
int initRun (int runNo, int *rc_ints, float *rc_floats)
void compute (int token)
bool decision (int token, bool barrel_is_in, bool endcap_is_in, int *myL2Result)
void finishRun ()
bool checkDsmMask (unsigned short *lastDSM)
int readDsmMask (const char *fileN)
void printCalibratedData (int token)
void criticalError (const char *message)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from L2VirtualAlgo2012
static int readParams (const char *fileN, int mxPar, int *iPar, float *fPar)
- Protected Types inherited from L2VirtualAlgo2012
enum  { kMaximumNumberOfDsmMasks =4 }
enum  { par_cpuTicksPerSecond =1600000000 }
- Protected Member Functions inherited from L2VirtualAlgo2012
void setMaxHist (int k)
int finishCommonHistos ()
void computeStart ()
void computeStop (int token)
unsigned short swap_bytes (unsigned short in)
- Protected Attributes inherited from L2VirtualAlgo2012
bool algoIsOkay
bool useDsmMask
int nmasks
unsigned short DsmMask [kMaximumNumberOfDsmMasks][8]
EmcSwitch mSwitch
std::string mOutDir1
std::string mName1
std::string muid
FILE * mLogFile
FILE * mHistFile
int oflTrigId
bool mAccept
bool mRandomAccept
int mEventsInRun
int mSecondsInRun
int mRunNumber
int mResultOffset
int mRndAcceptCounter
int par_RndAcceptPrescale
bool mNeeds_barrel
bool mNeeds_endcap
const L2BtowCalibData12mEveStream_btow
const L2EtowCalibData12mEveStream_etow
unsigned long mComputeTimeStart
unsigned long mComputeTimeStop
unsigned long mComputeTimeDiff [L2eventStream2012::mxToken]
unsigned long mDecisionTimeStart
unsigned long mDecisionTimeStop
unsigned long mDecisionTimeDiff
unsigned long long mRunStartTicks
L2Histo ** hA
int mxHA

Detailed Description

Definition at line 39 of file L2wBemc2012.h.

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