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MVertex Class Reference

Public Member Functions

double GetX () const
double GetY () const
double GetZ () const
void GetXYZ (double *position) const
void GetCovarianceMatrix (double *covmatrix) const
double GetChi2perNDF () const
double GetChi2 () const
int GetNDF () const
int GetNContributors () const
double GetParameter (int i) const
double GetCovariance (int i) const
void SetXYZ (double *position)
void SetXYZ (double x, double y, double z)
void SetX (double x)
void SetY (double y)
void SetZ (double z)
void SetChi2 (double chi)
void SetNDF (int ndf)
void SetNContributors (int nc)
void SetCovarianceMatrix (double *C)
void SetCovarianceMatrix (double C00, double C10, double C11, double C20, double C21, double C22)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 4 of file MVertex.h.

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