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MysqlDb Class Reference

Public Member Functions

virtual bool Connect (const char *aHost, const char *aUser, const char *aPasswd, const char *aDb, const int aPort=0)
virtual bool reConnect ()
virtual unsigned NbRows ()
virtual unsigned NbFields ()
virtual void Release ()
virtual char * printQuery ()
virtual bool InputStart (const char *aName, StDbBuffer *aBuff, const char *colList, int nRows, bool &hasBinary)
virtual bool InputRow (StDbBuffer *aBuff, int row)
virtual bool InputEnd ()
virtual bool Input (const char *aName, StDbBuffer *aBuff)
virtual bool Output (StDbBuffer *aBuff)
MysqlDboperator<< (const char *c)
MysqlDboperator<< (const string s)
MysqlDboperator<< (const MysqlBin *aBin)
MysqlDboperator<< (const short aq)
MysqlDboperator<< (const unsigned short aq)
MysqlDboperator<< (const int aq)
MysqlDboperator<< (const unsigned int aq)
MysqlDboperator<< (const long long aq)
MysqlDboperator<< (const float aq)
MysqlDboperator<< (const double aq)
char ** DecodeStrArray (char *strinput, int &aLen)
char * CodeStrArray (char **strarr, int aLen)
virtual int GetLastInsertID ()
virtual bool QueryStatus ()
virtual bool checkForTable (const char *tableName)
virtual void Close ()
virtual bool IsConnected ()
virtual bool setDefaultDb (const char *dbName)

Public Attributes

bool mlogTime
StDbLogger mqueryLog
StDbLogger msocketLog
StDbLogger mconnectLog

Protected Member Functions

virtual void RazQuery ()
virtual bool ExecQuery ()

Protected Attributes

StHyperCacheManager m_Mgr

Detailed Description

Definition at line 205 of file MysqlDb.h.

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