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Nucleon Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 Nucleon ()
void Reset ()
 Default destructor.
void Set (const Double_t r, const Double_t theta, const Double_t phi, const Double_t impactParameter, const Double_t Theta, const Double_t Phi, const Bool_t isThetaFirst=kTRUE)
 Reset all data members. More...
Double_t GetX () const
Double_t GetY () const
 Get x position.
Double_t GetZ () const
 Get y position.
Double_t GetXYZ (const Char_t *name="X") const
 Get z position. More...
Double_t GetPhi () const
 Get x/y/z or their product (see source)
Double_t GetR () const
 Get azimuthal angle of nucleon.
UInt_t GetNpart () const
 Get radius.
UInt_t GetNcoll () const
 Get Npart(x,y)
Double_t GetMultiplicity () const
 Get Ncoll(x,y)
Double_t GetWeight (const UInt_t weightId=0) const
 Get Multiplicity(x,y) More...
void IncrementNpart ()
 Get weight factor to calculate average quantities.
void IncrementNcoll ()
 Increment Npart(x,y)
void SetMultiplicity (const Double_t val)
 Increment Ncoll(x,y)
const TVector3 & GetVector () const
 Set multiplicity.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 9 of file Nucleon.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Nucleon::Nucleon ( )

Default constructor (r, theta, phi) are the spherical coordinates of nucleon (Theta, Phi) are the orientation of nuclei, used to rotate nucleons with respect to those angles Rotation will be done by 1) Theta, and then 2) Phi by default if isThetaFirst = kFALSE, rotate Phi first, then Theta.

Definition at line 9 of file Nucleon.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

Double_t Nucleon::GetWeight ( const UInt_t  weightId = 0) const

Get Multiplicity(x,y)

Get multiplicity weight, npart, ncoll or multiplicity

Definition at line 123 of file Nucleon.cxx.

References GetMultiplicity(), and GetNcoll().

Double_t Nucleon::GetXYZ ( const Char_t *  name = "X") const

Get z position.

Get each x/y/z position, or product of them Input argument 'name' is case insensitive

Definition at line 89 of file Nucleon.cxx.

References GetY(), and GetZ().

Referenced by StFastGlauberMcMaker::Make().

void Nucleon::Set ( const Double_t  r,
const Double_t  theta,
const Double_t  phi,
const Double_t  impactParameter,
const Double_t  Theta,
const Double_t  Phi,
const Bool_t  isThetaFirst = kTRUE 

Reset all data members.

Initial position of nucleon without rotation

Rotate angles if Theta and Phi are non-zero

Rotate Theta, then Phi

Rotate Phi, then Theta

Definition at line 30 of file Nucleon.cxx.

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