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Photospp::PhotosMEforW Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static void PHOBWnlo (double *WT)
static void PHOBWnlo (double *WT)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 9 of file forW-MEc.h.

Member Function Documentation

void Photospp::PhotosMEforW::PHOBWnlo ( double *  WT)

write(*,*) 'IDPHOs=',IDPHO(1),IDPHO(2),IDPHO(3),IDPHO(4),IDPHO(5) write(*,*) 'IDPHOs=',pho.jdahep[1-i][1-i],npho write(*,*) 'hep.IDPHOs=',hep.IDhep(1),hep.IDhep(2),hep.IDhep(3),hep.IDhep(4),hep.IDhep(5)

position of W

Definition at line 914 of file forW-MEc.cxx.

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