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PowerLawFit< Number > Class Template Reference
Inheritance diagram for PowerLawFit< Number >:
LinearFit< Number >

Public Types

typedef map< Number, Number > Points
- Public Types inherited from LinearFit< Number >
typedef std::map< Number, Number > Points

Public Member Functions

 PowerLawFit (Points *points)
 PowerLawFit (const PowerLawFit &fit)
const PowerLawFitoperator= (const PowerLawFit &fit)
virtual void fit ()
virtual void fit (Points *points)
const Number getExponent () const
const Number getCoefficient () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from LinearFit< Number >
 LinearFit (Points *points)
 LinearFit (const LinearFit &fit)
const LinearFitoperator= (const LinearFit &fit)
const Number getSlope () const
const Number getIntercept () const
const Number getRegressionCoefficient () const

Protected Attributes

Points * _data
 Points provided on input.
Points _logData
 Transient (for internal use) array used to hold the log 0f _data.
Number _exponent
 Exponent of the power law.
Number _coeff
 Multiplicative Coefficient of the power law.
- Protected Attributes inherited from LinearFit< Number >
Points * _points
Number _a
Number _b
Number _r

Detailed Description

template<typename Number>
class PowerLawFit< Number >

Definition at line 4 of file PowerLawFit.h.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename Number >
void PowerLawFit< Number >::fit ( Points *  points)

Perform linear fit on given points. Store reference to given points and call "fit()" to actually perform the fit.

Reimplemented from LinearFit< Number >.

Definition at line 80 of file PowerLawFit.h.

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