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Pythia8::BranchElementalISR Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 BranchElementalISR (int iSysIn, Event &event, int iOld1In, int iOld2In, int colIn, bool isVal1In, bool isVal2In)
void reset (int iSysIn, Event &event, int i1In, int i2In, int colIn, bool isVal1In, bool isVal2In)
double mAnt () const
double m2Ant () const
double sAnt () const
double s12 () const
double s23 () const
double s13 () const
bool isII () const
bool is1A () const
bool isVal1 () const
bool isVal2 () const
int colType1 () const
int colType2 () const
int col () const
int geti1 ()
int geti2 ()
int getSystem ()
void clearTrialGenerators ()
void addTrialGenerator (int iAntPhysIn, bool swapIn, TrialGeneratorISR *trialGenPtrIn)
void addRescue (int iTrial)
int getNshouldRescue (int iTrial)
void resetRescue ()
int nTrialGenerators () const
void saveTrial (int iTrial, double qOld, double qTrial, double zMin=0., double zMax=0., double colFac=0., double alphaEff=0., double pdfRatio=0., int trialFlav=0, double extraMpdf=0., double headroom=1.0, double enhanceFac=1.0)
void addPDF (int iTrial, double pdfRatio)
bool genTrialInvariants (double &s1j, double &sj2, double eBeamUsed, int iTrial=-1)
int getTrialIndex () const
bool hasTrial (int iTrial) const
bool getIsSwapped (int iTrial=-1) const
int getPhysIndex (int iTrial=-1) const
double getTrialScale (int iTrial) const
double getTrialScale () const
double getColFac (int iTrial=-1)
double getHeadroomFac (int iTrial=-1)
double getEnhanceFac (int iTrial=-1)
double getAlphaTrial (int iTrial=-1)
double getPDFratioTrial (int iTrial=-1)
int getTrialFlav (int iTrial=-1)
double getPDFratioPhys (int iTrial=-1)
double getExtraMassPDFfactor (int iTrial=-1)
void renewTrial (int iTrial=-1)
void list (bool header=false, bool footer=false) const

Public Attributes

int i1sav {}
int i2sav {}
int id1sav {}
int id2sav {}
int colType1sav {}
int colType2sav {}
int h1sav {}
int h2sav {}
double e1sav {}
double e2sav {}
bool isVal1sav {}
bool isVal2sav {}
bool isIIsav {}
bool is1Asav {}
Particle new1 {}
Particle new2 {}
Particle new3 {}
int colSav {}
int system {0}
int nVeto {}
int nHull {}
int nHadr {}
bool forceSplittingSav {}
vector< TrialGeneratorISR * > trialGenPtrsSav {}
vector< double > zMinSav {}
vector< double > zMaxSav {}
vector< double > colFacSav {}
vector< double > alphaSav {}
vector< double > physPDFratioSav {}
vector< double > trialPDFratioSav {}
vector< double > extraMassPDFfactorSav {}
vector< double > scaleSav {}
vector< double > scaleOldSav {}
vector< double > headroomSav {}
vector< double > enhanceFacSav {}
vector< bool > hasSavedTrial {}
vector< bool > isSwappedSav {}
vector< int > iAntPhysSav {}
vector< int > nShouldRescue {}
vector< int > trialFlavSav {}

Detailed Description

Definition at line 803 of file VinciaISR.h.

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