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Pythia8::DireClustering Class Reference

Public Member Functions

int radPos () const
int emtPos () const
int recPos () const
const Particlerad ()
const Particleemt ()
const Particlerec ()
string name () const
 DireClustering (const DireClustering &inSystem)
DireClusteringoperator= (const DireClustering &c)
 DireClustering (int emtPosIn, int radPosIn, int recPosIn, int partnerIn, double pTscaleIn, const Particle *radIn, const Particle *emtIn, const Particle *recIn, string splitNameIn, int flavRadBefIn=0, int spinRadBefIn=9, int radBefIn=0, int recBefIn=0)
double pT () const
double mass () const
void list () const

Public Attributes

int emitted
int emittor
int recoiler
int partner
double pTscale
const ParticleradSave
const ParticleemtSave
const ParticlerecSave
int flavRadBef
int spinRadBef
int radBef
int recBef
string splitName

Detailed Description

Definition at line 35 of file DireHistory.h.

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