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Pythia8::DireWeightContainer Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 DireWeightContainer (Settings *settingsPtrIn)
void init ()
void setup ()
void initPtrs (BeamParticle *beamAIn, BeamParticle *beamBIn, Settings *settingsPtrIn, Info *infoPtrIn, DireInfo *direInfoPtrIn)
void reset ()
void clear ()
void bookWeightVar (string varKey, bool checkSettings=true)
ulong key (double a)
double dkey (ulong a)
void setWeight (string varKey, double value)
void resetAcceptWeight (double pT2key, double value, string varKey)
void resetRejectWeight (double pT2key, double value, string varKey)
void eraseAcceptWeight (double pT2key, string varKey)
void eraseRejectWeight (double pT2key, string varKey)
double getAcceptWeight (double pT2key, string varKey)
double getRejectWeight (double pT2key, string varKey)
void insertWeights (map< double, double > aWeight, multimap< double, double > rWeight, string varKey)
void calcWeight (double pT2, bool includeAcceptAtPT2=true, bool includeRejectAtPT2=false)
pair< double, double > getWeight (double pT2, string valKey="base")
double getShowerWeight (string valKey="base")
unordered_map< string, double > * getShowerWeights ()
double sizeWeights () const
string weightName (int i) const
double sizeWeightgroups () const
string weightgroupName (int i) const
double enhanceOverestimate (string name)
double getTrialEnhancement (double pT2key)
void clearTrialEnhancements ()
void addTrialEnhancement (double pT2key, double value)
bool hasME (vector< int > in_pdgs=vector< int >(), vector< int > out_pdgs=vector< int >())
bool hasME (const Event &event)
double getME (const Event &event)

Public Attributes

string card
ShowerMEsPlugin matrixElements
bool hasMEs

Detailed Description

Definition at line 82 of file DireWeightContainer.h.

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