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Pythia8::ShowerMEsMadgraph Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Pythia8::ShowerMEsMadgraph:

Public Member Functions

bool initVincia () override
double me2Vincia (vector< Particle > state, int nIn) override
bool hasProcessVincia (vector< int > idIn, vector< int > idOut, set< int > sChan) override
bool initDire (Info *, string card) override
bool isAvailableMEDire (vector< int > in, vector< int > out) override
bool isAvailableMEDire (const Pythia8::Event &event) override
double calcMEDire (const Pythia8::Event &event) override
PY8MEs_namespace::PY8ME * getProcess (vector< int > idIn, vector< int > idOut, set< int > sChan)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Pythia8::ShowerMEs
virtual void initPtrVincia (Info *infoPtrIn, SusyLesHouches *slhaPtrIn, VinciaCommon *vinComPtrIn)
virtual bool selectHelicitiesVincia (vector< Particle > &state, int nIn)
virtual void setColourDepthVincia (int colourDepthIn)
virtual int getColourDepthVincia ()
string makeLabelVincia (vector< int > &id, int nIn, bool convertToNames=false) const
virtual void setVerboseVincia (int verboseIn)
void fillIds (const Event &event, vector< int > &in, vector< int > &out) const
void fillMoms (const Event &event, vector< Vec4 > &p) const
void fillCols (const Event &event, vector< int > &colors) const
vector< vector< double > > fillMoms (const Event &event) const

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from Pythia8::ShowerMEs
bool isInitPtr {false}
bool isInit {false}
map< vector< int >, double > me2hel {}
InfoinfoPtr {}
CoupSMcoupSMPtr {}
ParticleDataparticleDataPtr {}
RndmrndmPtr {}
SettingssettingsPtr {}
VinciaCommonvinComPtr {}
SusyLesHouchesslhaPtr {}
int colourDepth {0}
int verbose {0}

Detailed Description

Definition at line 26 of file ShowerMEsMadgraph.h.

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