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Pythia8::VinciaWeights Class Reference

Public Member Functions

bool initPtr (Info *infoPtrIn, VinciaCommon *vinComPtrIn)
void init ()
bool existsWeight (int iWeightIn=0)
double weight (int iWeightIn=0)
string weightLabel (int iWeightIn=0)
int nWeights ()
bool reweightingOccurred ()
void resetWeights (int nAccepted)
void scaleWeightAll (double scaleFacIn)
void scaleWeight (double scaleFacIn, int iWeightIn=0)
void scaleWeightVar (vector< double > pAccept, bool accept, bool isHard)
void scaleWeightVarAccept (vector< double > pAccept)
void scaleWeightVarReject (vector< double > pAccept)
void scaleWeightEnhanceAccept (double enhanceFac=1.)
void scaleWeightEnhanceReject (double pAcceptUnenhanced, double enhanceFac=1.)
int doVarNow (string keyIn, int iAntPhys, string type)
double ant (double antIn, double cNSIn)
void doWeighting ()


class VinciaFSR
class VinciaISR

Detailed Description

Definition at line 17 of file VinciaWeights.h.

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