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Pythia8::WeightsMerging Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Pythia8::WeightsMerging:

Public Member Functions

void init ()
void clear ()
void bookWeight (string name, double value, double valueFirst)
void bookVectors (vector< double > weights, vector< string > names)
void bookVectors (vector< double > weights, vector< double > weightsFirst, vector< string > names)
double getWeightsValue (int iPos) const
double getWeightsValueP (int iPos) const
double getWeightsValuePC (int iPos) const
void reweightValueByIndex (int iPos, double val)
void reweightValueByName (string name, double val)
void setValueFirstByIndex (int iPos, double val)
void setValueFirstByName (string name, double val)
void setValueVector (vector< double > ValueVector)
void setValueFirstVector (vector< double > ValueFirstVector)
vector< double > getMuRVarFactors ()
void setLHEFvariationMapping ()
void collectWeightNames (vector< string > &outputNames)
void collectWeightValues (vector< double > &outputWeights, double norm=1.)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Pythia8::WeightsBase
string getWeightsName (int iPos) const
int getWeightsSize () const
void bookWeight (string name, double defaultValue=1.)
void setValueByIndex (int iPos, double val)
void setValueByName (string name, double val)
int findIndexOfName (string name)
void setPtrs (Info *infoPtrIn)

Public Attributes

vector< double > weightValuesFirst
vector< double > weightValuesP
vector< double > weightValuesPC
vector< double > weightValuesFirstP
vector< double > weightValuesFirstPC
map< int, int > muRVarLHEFindex
bool isNLO
- Public Attributes inherited from Pythia8::WeightsBase
vector< double > weightValues
vector< string > weightNames

Detailed Description

Definition at line 166 of file Weights.h.

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