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StBTofRawHit Class Reference

#include <StBTofRawHit.h>

Inheritance diagram for StBTofRawHit:

Public Member Functions

 StBTofRawHit (char, unsigned char, unsigned char, unsigned int)
int operator== (const StBTofRawHit &) const
int operator!= (const StBTofRawHit &) const
bool leadingEdge () const
bool trailingEdge () const
int fiberId () const
int flag () const
int tray () const
int channel () const
unsigned int tdc () const
void setFlag (char)
void setTray (unsigned char)
void setChannel (unsigned char)
void setTdc (unsigned int)
- Public Member Functions inherited from StObject
 StObject (const StObject &sto)
StObjectoperator= (const StObject &sto)
virtual TObject * clone () const
Int_t isZombie () const
virtual void makeZombie (int flg=1)
UInt_t Ztreamer (TBuffer &R__b)
 ClassDef (StObject, 3) static UInt_t fgTally

Protected Attributes

Char_t mFlag
UChar_t mTray
UChar_t mChannel
UInt_t mTdc

Detailed Description

Xin Dong, Nov 2008

Definition at line 35 of file StBTofRawHit.h.

Member Function Documentation

int StBTofRawHit::fiberId ( ) const

fiber Id = 0, 1, 2, 3

Definition at line 106 of file StBTofRawHit.h.

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