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StBTofTables Class Reference

#include <StBTofTables.h>

Inheritance diagram for StBTofTables:

Public Member Functions

 StBTofTables ()
 Default constructor.
void Reset ()
void loadTables (StMaker *anyMaker)
 load status tables from data base
bool trayValid (int trayId) const
 function to return the tray status
int status (int trayId, int moduleId, int cellId) const
 function to return the channel status
 ClassDef (StBTofTables, 1)

Protected Attributes

UShort_t mBTofTrayConfig [mNTray]
 A large number for total channels. More...
UShort_t mBTofStatus [mNTray][mNModule][mNCell]

Static Protected Attributes

static const Int_t mNTray = 120
static const Int_t mNModule = 32
static const Int_t mNCell = 6
static const Int_t mNChanMax = 24000

Detailed Description

Class to retrieve the tof tray/channel status from data base

Definition at line 27 of file StBTofTables.h.

Member Data Documentation

UShort_t StBTofTables::mBTofTrayConfig[mNTray]

A large number for total channels.

Tray/Channel Status

Definition at line 36 of file StBTofTables.h.

Referenced by loadTables(), and trayValid().

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