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StBemcRaw Class Reference

#include <StBemcRaw.h>

Inheritance diagram for StBemcRaw:

Public Member Functions

 StBemcRaw ()
 StBemcRaw constructor.
virtual ~StBemcRaw ()
 StBemcRaw destructor. More...
void initHisto ()
void initQAHisto ()
void fillHisto ()
Bool_t make (StEmcRawMaker *TheData, StEvent *event)
Bool_t convertFromDaq (StEmcRawMaker *DAQ, StEmcRawData *RAW)
Bool_t make (TDataSet *, StEvent *)
 Make the BEMC detector from DAQ.
Bool_t make (StEmcRawData *, StEvent *)
 Make the BEMC detector from StEmcRaw.
Bool_t convertFromDaq (TDataSet *, StEmcRawData *)
 Convert DAQ format into StEmcRawData format.
Int_t getBemcADCRaw (Int_t, Int_t, StEmcRawData *, Int_t &, Int_t &)
 get ADC from StEmcRawData structure More...
void checkHeaders (StEmcRawData *, StEvent *)
 Check all BEMC detector headers.
void checkBtowCrates (StEmcRawData *, StEvent *)
 check tower crates More...
void emptyEmcCollection (StEmcCollection *)
 empty current emcCollection
Int_t makeHit (StEmcCollection *, Int_t, Int_t, Int_t, Int_t, Int_t, Float_t &)
 make StEmcRawHit More...
void createDecoder (Int_t, Int_t)
 Create new StEmcDecoder.
Bool_t isCorrupted (Int_t det)
void setCheckStatus (Int_t det, Int_t flag, const char *option="")
void setCrateVeto (Int_t flag)
void clearStats (Int_t)
 Clear statistics for detector 'det'.
void updateStats (Int_t, Int_t, Int_t, Float_t)
 Update statistics for detector 'det'.
void printStats (Int_t)
 Print statistics for detector 'det'.
void printConf ()
 Print configuration.
void setDate (Int_t d)
 Set event date.
void setTime (Int_t t)
 Set event time.
void setProdVer (string prodVer)
 Set event date.
void saveAllStEvent (Bool_t a)
 Set to kTRUE if all hits are to be saved on StEvent.
void saveAllBTOW (Bool_t a)
 Set to kTRUE if all BTOW hits are to be saved on StEvent (for picoDst/triggerSimu)
void psdMapBug (Bool_t a)
 Set to ktrue to correct PSD map inthe P04* productions.
void psdMapBug2 (Bool_t a)
 Set to ktrue to correct PSD swaps in 2006 and 2007 data.
void towerMapBug (Bool_t a)
 Set to ktrue to correct for the tower map bug (only runs before 2006)
void smdMapBug (Bool_t a)
 Set to ktrue to correct SMD swaps.
StBemcTablesgetTables ()
 Return the StBemcTable pointer.
StEmcDecodergetDecoder ()
 Return the StEmcDecoder pointer.
controlADCtoE_st * getControlTable ()
 Return Control table (NULL)
Int_t getCrateStatus (Int_t det, Int_t c)
 Return the status of the crate C.
Int_t getTotalHits (Int_t det)
 Return the Total number of hits for the detector 'det'.
Int_t getTotalSaved (Int_t det)
 Return the Total number of SAVED hits for the detector 'det'.
Int_t getTotalADC (Int_t det)
 Return the Total ADC sum for the detector 'det'.
Float_t getTotalE (Int_t det)
 Return the Total Energy Sum for the detector 'det'.
Int_t getRejectPed (Int_t det)
 Return the Total number of hits rejected by pedestal issues for the detector 'det'.
Int_t getRejectZero (Int_t det)
 Return the Total number of hits rejected because of zero ADC for the detector 'det'.
Int_t getRejectStatus (Int_t det)
 Return the Total number of hits rejected because of STATUS issues for the detector 'det'.
Int_t getRejectCrate (Int_t det)
 Return the Total number of hits rejected because of BAD crates for the detector 'det' (only tower)
Int_t getNCratesOK (Int_t det)
 Return the Total number of good crates for the detector 'det' (only tower)

Protected Types

enum  {
  kZero, kCrate, kStatus, kRms,
  kPed, kEn, kCalib, kOK

Protected Attributes

TH2F * mBarrelNHitHist
TH2F * mBarrelEtotHist
TH2F * mBarrelAdcSumHist
TH2F * mBarrelNCratesHist
TH2F * mBarrelCrateStatusHist
controlADCtoE_st * mControlADCtoE
Bool_t mSaveAllStEvent
Bool_t mSaveAllBTOW
Bool_t mPsdMapBug
 switch for saving all BTOW hits (used in daq->picoDst production)
Bool_t mPsdMapBug2
Bool_t mTowerMapBug
Bool_t mSmdMapBug
string mProdVer
Int_t mDate
Int_t mTime
Bool_t mIsCorrupted [MAXDETBARREL]
Int_t mCheckStatus [MAXDETBARREL][4]
Int_t mCrateVeto
Bool_t mAnyCorrupted

Detailed Description

Alexandre A. P. Suaide

This class does the hit selection and calibration for the Barrel EMC. It uses only DAQ structures as input. The output is a StEmcCollection filled with StEmcRawHits. bemcRawData is also filled in the StEmcCollection.

Definition at line 87 of file StBemcRaw.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

StBemcRaw::~StBemcRaw ( )

StBemcRaw destructor.

Default destructor

Definition at line 208 of file StBemcRaw.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

void StBemcRaw::checkBtowCrates ( StEmcRawData RAW,
StEvent event 

check tower crates

Check tower crates header

Definition at line 486 of file StBemcRaw.cxx.

References StEmcDecoder::GetTowerTDCFromCrate().

Referenced by checkHeaders().

Int_t StBemcRaw::getBemcADCRaw ( Int_t  det,
Int_t  softId,
StEmcRawData RAW,
Int_t &  CRATE,
Int_t &  CAP 
Int_t StBemcRaw::makeHit ( StEmcCollection emc,
Int_t  det,
Int_t  id,
Int_t  ADC,
Int_t  CRATE,
Int_t  CAP,
Float_t &  E 
void StBemcRaw::setCheckStatus ( Int_t  det,
Int_t  flag,
const char *  option = "" 

setCheckStatus toggles checking status for adding hits to StEmcCollection accepts options="status","pedestal","calib","gain" to toggle individual tables default is all tables are checked

Definition at line 806 of file StBemcRaw.cxx.

References getControlTable().

Referenced by StEmcADCtoEMaker::setCheckStatus().

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