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StBemcTablesWriter Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StBemcTablesWriter:

Public Member Functions

void setMaxEntryTime (char *maxEntryTime)
void loadTables (const char *sqlTime, const char *flavor="ofl")
 load directly from DB, no Maker needed
void loadTableFromFile (TFile *f)
void setTable (const char *tableName, void *data)
void setCalib (int det, int softId, int power, float val)
void setPedestal (int det, int softId, int cap, float val)
void setPedestalRMS (int det, int softId, int cap, float val)
void setGain (int det, int softId, float val)
void setStatus (int det, int softId, unsigned short val)
void setCalibStatus (int det, int softId, unsigned short val)
void setPedestalStatus (int det, int softId, unsigned short val)
void setGainStatus (int det, int softId, unsigned short val)
void writeToDb (const char *tableName, const char *timeStamp, const char *flavor="ofl")
void writeToFile (const char *fileName)
- Public Member Functions inherited from StBemcTables
 StBemcTables (Bool_t btowMapFix=kFALSE, Bool_t bprsMapFix=kFALSE)
 StBemcTables constructor.
virtual ~StBemcTables ()
 StBemcTables destructor.
void loadTables (StMaker *anyMaker)
 load tables.
const char * beginTime (const char *tableName) const
const char * endTime (const char *tableName) const
float calib (int det, int softId, int power=1) const
float pedestal (int det, int softId, int cap=0) const
float pedestalRMS (int det, int softId, int cap=0) const
float gain (int det, int softId) const
int status (int det, int softId, const char *option="") const
int triggerPatchStatus (int triggerPatch) const
int triggerHighTowerStatus (int triggerPatch) const
int triggerTowerStatus (int crate, int sequence) const
float triggerPedestal (int crate, int sequence) const
int triggerPedestalShift () const
int triggerBitConversion (int crate, int patchSequence) const
short triggerPed4 (int softId) const
int triggerFormulaTag (int crate, int patchSequence) const
int * triggerFormulaParameters (int crate, int patchSequence) const
int triggerPatchStatusByID (int softId) const
int triggerHighTowerStatusByID (int softId) const
int triggerTowerStatusByID (int softId) const
float triggerPedestalByID (int softId) const
int triggerBitConversionByID (int softId) const
int triggerFormulaTagByID (int softId) const
int * triggerFormulaParametersByID (int softId) const
void getPedestal (Int_t det, Int_t softId, Int_t cap, Float_t &ped, Float_t &rms) const
 Return pedestal mean and rms.
void getStatus (Int_t det, Int_t softId, Int_t &status, const char *option="") const
 Return status.
void getGain (Int_t det, Int_t softId, Float_t &gain) const
 Return gain correction factor.
void getCalib (Int_t det, Int_t softId, Int_t power, Float_t &calib) const
 Return calibration constant.
void getTriggerPatchStatus (Int_t patch, Int_t &status) const
 Return trigger patch status.
void getTriggerHighTowerStatus (Int_t hightower, Int_t &status) const
 Return trigger highTower status.
void getTriggerTowerStatus (Int_t crate, Int_t index, Int_t &status) const
 Return trigger single tower status.
void getTriggerPedestal (Int_t crate, Int_t index, Float_t &pedestal) const
 Return tower pedestal loaded in trigger.
void getTriggerBitConv (Int_t crate, Int_t patch, Int_t &bit) const
 Return 6 bits conversion mode.
void getTriggerPedestalShift (Int_t &pedestalShift) const
 Return target pedestal shift.
void getTriggerPed4 (Int_t softId, Short_t &PED4) const
void getTriggerFormulaTag (Int_t crate, Int_t index, Int_t &formula) const
 Return LUT formula.
void getTriggerFormulaParameters (Int_t crate, Int_t index, Int_t *parameters) const
 Return LUT formula parameters.
StEmcDecodergetDecoder ()
 Return pointer to decoder.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from StBemcTables
Int_t getOldId (int det, Int_t newId) const
void updateValidity (StMaker *dbMaker, TTable *table)
- Protected Attributes inherited from StBemcTables
emcPed_st * mBtowP
emcPed_st * mBprsP
smdPed_st * mSmdeP
smdPed_st * mSmdpP
emcStatus_st * mBtowS
emcStatus_st * mBprsS
smdStatus_st * mSmdeS
smdStatus_st * mSmdpS
emcCalib_st * mBtowC
emcCalib_st * mBprsC
smdCalib_st * mSmdeC
smdCalib_st * mSmdpC
emcGain_st * mBtowG
emcGain_st * mBprsG
smdGain_st * mSmdeG
smdGain_st * mSmdpG
emcTriggerStatus_st * mTrigS
emcTriggerPed_st * mTrigP
emcTriggerLUT_st * mTrigL
bemcTriggerPed4_st * mTrigP4
Bool_t mBtowMapFix
Bool_t mBprsMapFix
map< string, pair< string,
string > > 

Detailed Description

Definition at line 20 of file StBemcTablesWriter.h.

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