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StCentrality Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 StCentrality (const TString system="AuAu_200GeV", const TString type="default")
virtual ~StCentrality ()
 Default constructor.
Double_t GetCentrality (const UInt_t multiplicity, const UInt_t mode=0) const
 Print help messages. More...
Double_t GetNpp () const
Double_t GetK () const
 Get Npp.
Double_t GetX () const
 Get K.
Double_t GetEfficiency () const
 Get X.
Double_t GetTriggerBias () const
 Get efficiency.
Double_t GetReweighting (const UInt_t multiplicity) const
 Get trigger bias.

Static Public Member Functions

static void help ()
 Default destructor.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 12 of file StCentrality.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

StCentrality::StCentrality ( const TString  system = "AuAu_200GeV",
const TString  type = "default" 

Type description default default parameters for a given system low low npp, high x (-5% npp) high high npp, low x (+5% npp)

Initialize centrality bin

Make sure centrality bin size is equal (and not empty)

Print info. (check all modes)

Definition at line 23 of file StCentrality.cxx.

References help().

Member Function Documentation

Double_t StCentrality::GetCentrality ( const UInt_t  multiplicity,
const UInt_t  mode = 0 
) const

Print help messages.

Get centrality bin from multiplicity mode 0 default centrality bins 1 5% lower centrality bins (4.75, 9.5, 19.5, ...) 2 5% higher centrality bins

Definition at line 127 of file StCentrality.cxx.

Referenced by StGlauberAnalysisMaker::RunFile(), and StGlauberHistogramMaker::SetXaxis().

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