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StChargedPionBaseEv Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for StChargedPionBaseEv:
StChargedPionEvent StChargedPionMcEvent

Public Member Functions

virtual unsigned int runId () const =0
virtual unsigned int eventId () const =0
virtual unsigned int bbcTimeBin () const =0
virtual const string & muDstName () const =0
virtual bool isSimuTrigger (unsigned int trigId) const =0
virtual int highTowerAdc (short towerId) const =0
virtual int triggerPatchAdc (short patchId) const =0
virtual int jetPatchAdc (short patchId) const =0
virtual unsigned int nVertices () const =0
virtual TClonesArray * vertices ()=0
virtual const TClonesArray * vertices () const =0
virtual unsigned int nTracks () const =0
virtual TClonesArray * tracks ()=0
virtual const TClonesArray * tracks () const =0
virtual unsigned int nJets () const =0
virtual TClonesArray * jets ()=0
virtual const TClonesArray * jets () const =0
virtual StChargedPionVertexvertex (int i)=0
virtual const StChargedPionVertexvertex (int i) const =0
virtual StChargedPionTracktrack (int i)=0
virtual const StChargedPionTracktrack (int i) const =0
virtual StChargedPionJetjet (int i)=0
virtual const StChargedPionJetjet (int i) const =0
virtual void setRunId (unsigned int)=0
virtual void setEventId (unsigned int)=0
virtual void setBbcTimeBin (unsigned short)=0
virtual void setMuDstName (const char *)=0
virtual void addSimuTrigger (unsigned int)=0
virtual void addHighTower (short towerId, int ADC)=0
virtual void addTriggerPatch (short patchId, int ADC)=0
virtual void addJetPatch (short patchId, int ADC)=0
virtual void addVertex (const StChargedPionVertex *)=0
virtual void addTrack (const StChargedPionTrack *)=0
virtual void addJet (const StChargedPionJet *)=0
virtual void setL2Result (const void *address, bool emulated=false)=0

Static Public Member Functions

static unsigned int triggerBit (unsigned int trigId)

Static Protected Attributes

static map< unsigned int,
unsigned int > 

Detailed Description

Definition at line 26 of file StChargedPionBaseEv.h.

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