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StChargedPionEvent Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StChargedPionEvent:

Public Member Functions

 StChargedPionEvent (const StChargedPionEvent &)
StChargedPionEventoperator= (const StChargedPionEvent &)
void copy (const StChargedPionEvent &)
virtual void Clear (Option_t *="")
unsigned int runId () const
unsigned int eventId () const
unsigned int bx7 () const
unsigned int bbcTimeBin () const
const string & muDstName () const
const StRunInforunInfo () const
unsigned int spinBit () const
bool isSpinValid () const
bool isPolValid () const
bool isPolLong () const
bool isPolTrans () const
bool isBxingMasked () const
bool isNullOffset () const
bool isTrigger (unsigned int trigId) const
bool isSimuTrigger (unsigned int trigId) const
float prescale (unsigned int trigId) const
int highTowerAdc (short towerId) const
int triggerPatchAdc (short patchId) const
int jetPatchAdc (short patchId) const
unsigned int nVertices () const
TClonesArray * vertices ()
const TClonesArray * vertices () const
unsigned int nTracks () const
TClonesArray * tracks ()
const TClonesArray * tracks () const
unsigned int nJets () const
TClonesArray * jets ()
const TClonesArray * jets () const
StChargedPionVertexvertex (int i)
const StChargedPionVertexvertex (int i) const
StChargedPionTracktrack (int i)
const StChargedPionTracktrack (int i) const
StChargedPionJetjet (int i)
const StChargedPionJetjet (int i) const
void setRunId (unsigned int)
void setEventId (unsigned int)
void setBx7 (unsigned char)
void setBbcTimeBin (unsigned short)
void setMuDstName (const char *)
void setRunInfo (const StRunInfo &)
void setSpinBit (unsigned char)
void setPolValid (bool)
void setPolLong (bool)
void setPolTrans (bool)
void setBxingMasked (bool)
void setBxingOffset (int)
void addTrigger (unsigned int)
void addSimuTrigger (unsigned int)
void setPrescale (unsigned int trigId, float prescale)
void addHighTower (short towerId, int ADC)
void addTriggerPatch (short patchId, int ADC)
void addJetPatch (short patchId, int ADC)
void setL2Result (const void *address, bool emulated=false)
 address to dijet result
void addVertex (const StChargedPionVertex *)
void addTrack (const StChargedPionTrack *)
void addJet (const StChargedPionJet *)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from StChargedPionBaseEv
static unsigned int triggerBit (unsigned int trigId)
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from StChargedPionBaseEv
static map< unsigned int,
unsigned int > 

Detailed Description

Definition at line 20 of file StChargedPionEvent.h.

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