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StChargedPionJetParticle Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StChargedPionJetParticle:

Public Member Functions

int index ()
StDetectorId detectorId ()
int charge ()
unsigned int nHits ()
unsigned int nHitsPoss ()
unsigned int nHitsFit ()
unsigned int nHitsDEdx ()
double nSigmaPion ()
StThreeVectorFglobalDca ()
const StThreeVectorFglobalDca () const
double z (const TLorentzVector &) const
void setIndex (short)
void setDetectorId (StDetectorId)
void setCharge (char)
void setNHits (unsigned char)
void setNHitsFit (unsigned char)
void setNHitsPoss (unsigned char)
void setNHitsDEdx (unsigned char)
void setNSigmaPion (float)
void setGlobalDca (StThreeVectorF &)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 15 of file StChargedPionJetParticle.h.

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