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StDbServiceBroker Class Reference

#include <StDbServiceBroker.h>

Public Member Functions

 StDbServiceBroker (const std::string xmlbase)
 StDbServiceBroker (const std::string xmlbase, const std::string xmlfilter)
void DoLoadBalancing ()
std::string GiveHostName ()
short GiveHostPort ()
short GetStatus ()

Static Public Member Functions

static int updateLocalLbPolicy ()

Detailed Description

Name: StDbServiceBroker

Author: Mikhail Kopytin

Date: 08/29/2006

Abstract: parse XML configuration file, obtain user's credentials, direct the user to the server. Implement load balancing and class of service policies as described in the XML file. This class is dependent on a particular schema, found in

Definition at line 59 of file StDbServiceBroker.h.

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