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StDbTableDescriptor Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StDbTableDescriptor:

Public Member Functions

 StDbTableDescriptor (int structID, int schemaID)
 StDbTableDescriptor (StDbTableDescriptor &d)
virtual void fillElement (StDbBuffer *buff, int tableID)
virtual StTableDescriptorIgetCpy ()
virtual tableDescriptorgetTableDescriptor () const
virtual unsigned int getNumElements () const
virtual unsigned int getTotalSizeInBytes () const
virtual char * getElementName (int elementNum) const
virtual unsigned int getElementOffset (int elementNum) const
virtual unsigned int getElementSize (int elementNum) const
virtual StTypeE getElementType (int elementNum) const
virtual unsigned int * getElementDimensions (int elementNum) const
virtual unsigned int getElementLength (int elementNum) const
virtual unsigned int getElementNumDimensions (int elementNum) const
virtual unsigned int getElementIndexLength (int elementNum, int dimensionNum) const
int getSchemaID () const
int getStructID () const
void setSchemaID (int id)
void setStructID (int id)
bool IsValid () const
int getCurrentInternalSize ()
int getTrowSize ()
void endRowPadding ()
void storeRowSize (int rowSize)
unsigned int getMaxAlign ()

Protected Member Functions

void init ()
virtual void reSize ()
virtual void fillSizeAndOffset (char *length, int elementNum)
virtual void fillLengths (char *length, int elementNum)
virtual StTypeE getType (char *type)
virtual unsigned int getSize (StTypeE type)
virtual unsigned int getAlign (StTypeE type)

Protected Attributes

unsigned int mnumElements = 0
unsigned int mtableSize = 0
int offsetToNextEmptyByte = 0
int offsetToLast4Bytes = 0
StTypeE lastType = Stchar
int padsize = 0
unsigned int mAlign [Stmaxtype]
tableDescriptormcols = 0
int mMax = 0
int mCur = 0
int mstructID = 0
int mschemaID = 0
int rowSizeTT = 0
bool misValid = false
bool mhasDouble = false
unsigned int maxAlign = 0

Detailed Description

Definition at line 91 of file StDbTableDescriptor.h.

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