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StDcaGenFit Class Reference

Public Member Functions

Int_t charge () const
double impact () const
double curvature () const
double psi () const
double dipAngle () const
double tanDip () const
double pt () const
double z () const
double hz () const
TVector3 origin () const
TVector3 momentum () const
const float * params () const
const float * errMatrix () const
virtual void Print (const char *option="") const
void set (const float pars[6], const float errs[15])
void set (const double pars[6], const double errs[15])

Public Attributes

char mBeg [1]
float mImp
float mZ
 Z-coordinate of this track (reference plane)
float mPsi
 Psi angle of the track.
float mPti
 signed invert pt [sign = sign(-qB)]
float mTan
 tangent of the track momentum dip angle
float mCurv
 signed curvature
float mImpImp
 pars errors
float mZImp
float mZZ
float mPsiImp
float mPsiZ
float mPsiPsi
float mPtiImp
float mPtiZ
float mPtiPsi
float mPtiPti
float mTanImp
float mTanZ
float mTanPsi
float mTanPti
float mTanTan
char mEnd [1]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 199 of file genFitDca.h.

Member Data Documentation

float StDcaGenFit::mImp

signed impact parameter; Signed in such a way that: x = -impact*sin(Psi) y = impact*cos(Psi)

Definition at line 229 of file genFitDca.h.

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