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StDetectorDbIntegratedTriggerID Class Reference

Public Member Functions

UInt_t getIDNumRows ()
Int_t getIDRunNumber ()
Int_t getIdxTrg (UInt_t entry=0)
Int_t getDaqTrgId (UInt_t entry=0)
Int_t getOfflineTrgId (UInt_t entry=0)
Int_t getTrgNameVersion (UInt_t entry=0)
Int_t getTrgVersion (UInt_t entry=0)
Int_t getThreashVersion (UInt_t entry=0)
Int_t getPsVersion (UInt_t entry=0)
Int_t getPsL0 (UInt_t entry=0)
Char_t * getName (UInt_t entry=0)
UInt_t getDetectorLiveOnBits (UInt_t entry=0)
UInt_t getDetectorLiveOffBits (UInt_t entry=0)
UInt_t getDetectorRequest (UInt_t entry=0)
Int_t getIdxLevel (UInt_t entry=0)
Int_t getAlgorithmId (UInt_t entry=0)
Float_t getPs (UInt_t entry=0)
UInt_t getDefaultTriggerLevel ()

Static Public Member Functions

instance ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 6 of file StDetectorDbIntegratedTriggerID.h.

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