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StEEmcClusterAssociation Class Reference

#include <StEEmcAssociationMaker.h>

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Public Member Functions

 StEEmcClusterAssociation (StMcTrack *, StEmcCluster *, float, float)
const StEmcClustergetCluster () const
 returns pointer to the EMC cluster
float getFractionTrack () const
 returns the fraction of the energy deposited by the track on the EMC that ended in the reconstructed cluster
float getFractionCluster () const
 returns the fraction of the energy of the cluster that was deposited by the MC track
- Public Member Functions inherited from StEEmcAssociation
 StEEmcAssociation (StMcTrack *t)
const StMcTrackgetTrack () const
 returns pointer to the MC track

Detailed Description

This class hold association information between MC tracks and EMC(EEMC) clusters. There are two Association information that can be obtained:

Definition at line 139 of file StEEmcAssociationMaker.h.

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