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StEEmcDataDrivenMcReplaceInfo Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StEEmcDataDrivenMcReplaceInfo:

Public Types

enum  { numEemcTowerLayers = 6 }

Public Member Functions

void Clear (Option_t *options="")
StMcCalorimeterHitnewMcHitEsmdU ()
StMcCalorimeterHitaddMcHitEsmdU (StMcCalorimeterHit *hit)
StMcCalorimeterHitgetMcHitEsmdU (int i)
int getNumberOfMcHitsEsmdU ()
StMcCalorimeterHitnewMcHitEsmdV ()
StMcCalorimeterHitgetMcHitEsmdV (int i)
StMcCalorimeterHitaddMcHitEsmdV (StMcCalorimeterHit *hit)
int getNumberOfMcHitsEsmdV ()

Public Attributes

int pid
int parentPid
int firstHadronPid
int libraryShapeId
TVector3 momentum
float energy
float energyScaleU
float energyScaleV
int highStripShiftU
int highStripShiftV
int libraryBinId
int nTowerFired [numEemcTowerLayers]
float dEnergy [numEemcTowerLayers]
float totalEnergy [numEemcTowerLayers]
float totalEnergyScaled [numEemcTowerLayers]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 17 of file StEEmcDataDrivenMcReplaceInfo.h.

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