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StEEmcGeoId_t Class Reference

#include <StEEmcGeoId.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static Short_t encodeSmd (Short_t sector, Bool_t layerIsV, Short_t strip)
static void decodeSmd (Short_t geoId, Short_t &sector, Bool_t &layerIsV, Short_t &strip)
static Int_t getMaxSmdGeoId ()
static Short_t encodeTow (Short_t sector, Short_t subsector, Short_t etaBin)
static void decodeTow (Short_t geoId, Short_t &sector, Short_t &subsector, Short_t &etaBin)
static Short_t encodeTow (Short_t phiBin, Short_t etaBin)
static void decodeTow (Short_t geoId, Short_t &phiBin, Short_t &etaBin)

Protected Types

enum  { kMaxSmdGeoId = kEEmcNumStrips*kEEmcNumSmdUVs*kEEmcNumSectors }

Detailed Description

Stephen Gliske

Class to convert physical coordinates into a universal identifier of the type "Short_t". The tower geoId is identical to the tower number, thus for the towers this class is just repeating known conversions already strewn through existing code. The a global geoId for all the ESMD strips is needed when considering the portions of the SMD strips which cross the sector boundaries.

Note: all (as of date) member functions are static, so one should just use the static member functions without instanciating the class.

Definition at line 26 of file StEEmcGeoId.h.

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