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StEEmcSmdCluster Class Reference

A base class for representing clusters of EEMC smd strips. More...

#include <StEEmcSmdCluster.h>

Inheritance diagram for StEEmcSmdCluster:

Public Member Functions

 StEEmcSmdCluster (const StEEmcSmdCluster &c)
void add (const StEEmcStrip &strip, Float_t weight=1.0)
void add (const StEEmcStripVec_t &strips)
Float_t energy () const
Float_t mean () const
Float_t sigma () const
void mean (Float_t x)
void sigma (Float_t s)
Float_t energy (Int_t nmax, Option_t *opts="mean") const
Float_t sigma (Int_t nmax, Option_t *opts="mean") const
Int_t size () const
StEEmcTowerVec_t & towers ()
const StEEmcTowerVec_t & towers () const
Int_t numberOfMatchedTowers () const
StEEmcTowertower (Int_t t)
const StEEmcTowertower (Int_t t) const
Bool_t operator< (const StEEmcSmdCluster &other) const
 One cluster is greater than another if energy is greater than the other.
Bool_t operator> (const StEEmcSmdCluster &other) const
Int_t numberOfStrips () const
StEEmcStripstrip (Int_t s)
 Returns the specified smd strip w/in the cluster.
const StEEmcStripstrip (Int_t s) const
Float_t weight (Int_t s) const
StEEmcStripseed ()
 Returns the seed strip (by convention, the first strip added to the cluster).
const StEEmcStripseed () const
Int_t plane () const
Int_t sector () const
void sector (Int_t s)
void plane (Int_t p)
StEmcClusterstemc ()
void stemc (StEmcCluster *c)
 Set pointer to StEmcCluster.
void print (Option_t *opts="") const
void printLine (Bool_t endline=false) const
Int_t next (Int_t direct) const
void copy (TH1F *h) const
 StEEmcSmdCluster (const StEEmcSmdCluster &c)
 copy constructor
void add (StEEmcStrip strip, Float_t weight=1.0)
Int_t key ()
 Return a unique key assigned by the cluster maker.
Int_t key () const
void key (Int_t k)
Float_t energy ()
 Return the energy of this cluster.
Float_t energy () const
Float_t mean ()
 Return the mean strip number of this cluster.
Float_t mean () const
Float_t sigma ()
 Return the sigma – sqrt(variance) – of the cluster.
Float_t sigma () const
Float_t energy (Int_t nmax, Option_t *opts="mean")
Float_t sigma (Int_t nmax, Option_t *opts="mean")
 As above, but returns sigma instead of energy.
Float_t energy3 ()
 For interactive root sessions...
Float_t energy5 ()
Float_t sigma3 ()
Float_t sigma5 ()
Int_t size ()
 Return the size (number of strips) of the cluster.
StEEmcTowerVec_t towers ()
 Return list of towers matching this cluster.
Int_t numberOfMatchedTowers ()
 Return number of towers matching this cluster.
StEEmcTower tower (Int_t t)
 Return a specific tower matching this SMD cluster.
Bool_t operator> (StEEmcSmdCluster &other)
Int_t numberOfStrips ()
 Returns the number of SMD strips in the cluster.
StEEmcStrip strip (Int_t s)
 Returns the specified smd strip w/in the cluster.
Int_t plane ()
Int_t sector ()
StEmcClusterstemc ()
 Returns a new StEmcCluster.
void stemc (StEmcCluster *c)
void print ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from StEEmcBaseCluster
Int_t key () const
void key (Int_t k)
Bool_t split () const
void split (Bool_t s)
void addMatch (Int_t key, Int_t layer)
Int_t numberOfMatchingClusters (Int_t layer) const
Int_t getMatch (Int_t ith, Int_t layer) const
Float_t energy () const
void energy (Float_t e)
Int_t numberOfElements () const

Protected Member Functions

 ClassDef (StEEmcSmdCluster, 1)
 ClassDef (StEEmcSmdCluster, 1)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from StEEmcBaseCluster
 ClassDef (StEEmcBaseCluster, 1)

Protected Attributes

StEEmcStripVec_t mStrips
 Vector of strips belonging to this SMD cluster.
std::vector< Float_t > mWeights
 Vector of strip weights.
Int_t mSize
 Kludge so that root will store number of smd strips.
Float_t mSumXW
 Running sums to calculate mean, sigma of cluster.
Float_t mSumX2W
 Running sums to calculate mean, sigma of cluster.
Float_t mMean
 Mean and sigma computed after each strip is added.
Float_t mSigma
Int_t mPlane
Int_t mSector
StEEmcTowerVec_t mMatchedTowers
 Vector of hit towers above this SMD cluster.
Int_t mLeft
 index of next strip to the left
Int_t mRight
 index of next strip to the right
 POinter to EMC cluster.
Int_t mKey
Float_t mEnergy
 Energy of this SMD cluster.
- Protected Attributes inherited from StEEmcBaseCluster
Int_t mKey
Bool_t mSplit
std::vector< std::vector< Int_t > > mMatched
Float_t mEnergy
Int_t mNumberOfElements

Detailed Description

A base class for representing clusters of EEMC smd strips.

This class is designed to represent clusters of smd strips in the endcap.

Jason C. Webb
2010/08/26 22:49:25


By convention, the first strip added to the cluster is considered to be the "seed" strip.

Jason C. Webb Jason.nosp@m..Web.nosp@m.b@Val.nosp@m.po.e.nosp@m.du

Class which represents an SMD cluster. This class derives from StEEmcBaseCluster, which allows matching of clusters between layers by storing a unique cluster ID.

To build a cluster, one uses something like the following recipe

* StEEmcSmdClusterVec_t list_of_clusters;
* StEEmcSmdCluster cluster;
* // Get the seed strip from StEEmcA2EMaker 0=tower 1=pre1 2=pre2 3=post
* Int_t plane = 0;
* StEEmcStrip seed = mEEanalysis -> strip( sector, plane, index_of_seed_strip );
* cluster.add( seed );
* // Next, loop over all hit strips and add any which satisfy your clustering
* // criteria by using cluster.add(strip).
* // Finally, add the cluster to storage
* list_of_clusters.push_back(cluster);

The energy, mean and sigma of the cluster are calculated in flight. One can override this by calling the energy(e), mean(m) and sigma(s) methods.

Strips can be added with a weight.

Definition at line 53 of file StEEmcSmdCluster.h.

Member Function Documentation

void StEEmcSmdCluster::add ( StEEmcStrip  strip,
Float_t  weight = 1.0 

Add an SMD strip to this cluster with the specified weight

Definition at line 41 of file StEEmcSmdCluster.cxx.

References StEEmcElement::energy(), StEEmcStrip::index(), mEnergy, mMean, mSigma, mSize, mStrips, mSumX2W, mSumXW, and mWeights.

Float_t StEEmcSmdCluster::energy ( Int_t  nmax,
Option_t *  opts = "mean" 

Return the energy of this cluster summed over +/- nmax strips about either the mean (opts=="mean") or seed (opts=="seed") smd strip.

Definition at line 95 of file StEEmcSmdCluster.cxx.

References StEEmcElement::energy(), StEEmcStrip::index(), and mStrips.

void StEEmcSmdCluster::key ( Int_t  k)

Set a unique id for this cluster... k>=0 is intended to be assigned within the cluster maker. k<0 intended for error flags to kill off clusters.

Definition at line 31 of file StEEmcSmdCluster.h.

Int_t StEEmcSmdCluster::next ( Int_t  direct) const

return the index of the next strip in the specified direction.

direct, negative is left, positive is right

Definition at line 113 of file StEEmcSmdCluster.h.

References mLeft, and mRight.

Bool_t StEEmcSmdCluster::operator> ( StEEmcSmdCluster other)

One cluster is greater than another if energy is greater than the other.

Definition at line 131 of file StEEmcSmdCluster.h.

StEmcCluster * StEEmcSmdCluster::stemc ( )

Returns a new StEmcCluster or the corresponding StEmcCluster if it already exists

Definition at line 127 of file StEEmcSmdCluster.cxx.

References mEmcCluster, and mStrips.

Referenced by StEEmcClusterMaker::fillStEvent().

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