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StEEmcStripClusterFinderIU_t Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StEEmcStripClusterFinderIU_t:
StEEmcStripClusterFinder_t StFinderAlg_t

Public Member Functions

 StEEmcStripClusterFinderIU_t ()
virtual void clear ()
 clear between events
virtual Int_t find (const ESmdLayer_t &smdLayer, StSimpleClusterVec_t &cluster)
 find some clusters More...
void setIgnoreCorners (Bool_t ignore=true)
void setUseNaiveFloorShape (Bool_t useNaive=true)
void setApplyClusterSplitting (Bool_t apply=true)
void setMaxExtent (Int_t maxExtent)
void setMinStripsPerCluster (Int_t min_strips)
void setMinSeedDistance (Int_t min)
void setSeedFloorConst (Float_t seedFloor)
void setSeedEnergyThres (LayerOfSMD_t layer, Float_t thres)
- Public Member Functions inherited from StEEmcStripClusterFinder_t
void resetClusterCount ()
 reset the count
void setCurrentLayer (LayerOfSMD_t layer)
 Set current layer and sector.
void setCurrentSector (Int_t sector)
- Public Member Functions inherited from StFinderAlg_t
Bool_t isReady () const
 Check if status is ready for hit finding.

Static Protected Member Functions

static Bool_t energyGreaterThan (const EEmcElement_t *s1, const EEmcElement_t *s2)

Protected Attributes

Bool_t mIgnoreCorners
Bool_t mUseNaiveFloorShape
Bool_t mApplyClusterSplitting
Int_t mMaxExtent
Int_t mMinStripsPerCluster
Int_t mMinSeedDistance
Float_t mSeedFloor
Float_t mSeedEnergyThres [2]
Bool_t mNeedsToBeCleared
Float_t mSeedFloorArray [kEEmcNumStrips]
Int_t mFirstClusterIDForEachStrip [kEEmcNumStrips]
Int_t mClosestClusterIDForEachStrip [kEEmcNumStrips]
- Protected Attributes inherited from StEEmcStripClusterFinder_t
LayerOfSMD_t mLayer
Int_t mSector
Int_t mLastClusterID
- Protected Attributes inherited from StFinderAlg_t
Bool_t mIsReady

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from StEEmcStripClusterFinder_t
enum  LayerOfSMD_t { U_LAYER = 0, V_LAYER = 1 }
 enum to keep track of layers
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from StFinderAlg_t
static void setEventNum (Int_t eventNum)
static Int_t getEventNum ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 33 of file StEEmcStripClusterFinderIU.h.

Member Function Documentation

Int_t StEEmcStripClusterFinderIU_t::find ( const ESmdLayer_t smdLayer,
StSimpleClusterVec_t &  cluster 

find some clusters

Within +/- 2 strips, find no other seeds

Within +/- 4 strips, Floor is 20 or 40% of seed

Within +/- 10 strips, Floor is 10 or 20% of seed

Within +/- 20 strips, floor is 5% of seed

Implements StEEmcStripClusterFinder_t.

Definition at line 83 of file StEEmcStripClusterFinderIU.cxx.

References clear(), kStFatal, and kStOK.

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