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StEEmcStripClusterFinder_t Class Referenceabstract

#include <StEEmcStripClusterFinder.h>

Inheritance diagram for StEEmcStripClusterFinder_t:
StFinderAlg_t StEEmcStripClusterFinderIU_t StEEmcStripClusterFinderMorhac_t StEEmcStripClusterFinderTSIU_t StEEmcStripClusterFinderTSP_t

Public Types

enum  LayerOfSMD_t { U_LAYER = 0, V_LAYER = 1 }
 enum to keep track of layers

Public Member Functions

virtual void clear ()
 clear things before doing the finding for the next sector or layer
void resetClusterCount ()
 reset the count
virtual Int_t find (const ESmdLayer_t &smdLayer, StSimpleClusterVec_t &cluster)=0
 find some clusters
void setCurrentLayer (LayerOfSMD_t layer)
 Set current layer and sector.
void setCurrentSector (Int_t sector)
- Public Member Functions inherited from StFinderAlg_t
Bool_t isReady () const
 Check if status is ready for hit finding.

Protected Attributes

LayerOfSMD_t mLayer
Int_t mSector
Int_t mLastClusterID
- Protected Attributes inherited from StFinderAlg_t
Bool_t mIsReady

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from StFinderAlg_t
static void setEventNum (Int_t eventNum)
static Int_t getEventNum ()

Detailed Description

Stephen Gliske

Abstract base class for various (SMD) strip clustering algrothims

Definition at line 18 of file StEEmcStripClusterFinder.h.

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