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StEStructFitter Class Reference

Public Member Functions

double detadphiFit (double *x, double *par)
double seconddetadphiFit (double *x, double *par)
double softCD (double *x, double *par)
double secondSoftCD (double *x, double *par)
double hardCI (double *x, double *par)
double secondHardCI (double *x, double *par)
double hardCICosine (double *x, double *par)
double secondHardCICosine (double *x, double *par)
double detadphiSS (double *x, double *par)
double seconddetadphiSS (double *x, double *par)
double softLS (double *x, double *par)
double secondSoftLS (double *x, double *par)
double softUS (double *x, double *par)
double syt (double *x, double *par)
double mcComponents (double *x, double *par)
double dytGsytG (double *x, double *par)
void setMeanSigma (double mean, double sigma)
double DoubleE (double *x, double *par)
double secondDoubleE (double *x, double *par)

Static Public Member Functions

static StEStructFitterInstance ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 7 of file StEStructFitter.h.

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