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StEStructMCReader Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StEStructMCReader:

Public Member Functions

 StEStructMCReader (TTree *tree=0)
 StEStructMCReader (int nevents, TTree *tree=0, StEStructEventCuts *ecuts=0, StEStructTrackCuts *tcuts=0)
 StEStructMCReader (int nevents, const char *fileListFile, StEStructEventCuts *ecuts=0, StEStructTrackCuts *tcuts=0)
bool hasTree ()
bool measureable (int pid)
float * globalDCA (float *p, float *v)
virtual StEStructEventnext ()
virtual bool done ()
Int_t Cut (Int_t entry)
Int_t GetEntry (Int_t entry)
Int_t LoadTree (Int_t entry)
void Init (TTree *tree)
void Loop ()
Bool_t Notify ()
void Show (Int_t entry=-1)
- Public Member Functions inherited from StEStructEventReader
virtual void setEventCuts (StEStructEventCuts *cuts)
virtual void setTrackCuts (StEStructTrackCuts *cuts)
bool hasEventCuts ()
bool hasTrackCuts ()
StEStructEventCutsEventCuts ()
StEStructTrackCutsTrackCuts ()
virtual double getImpact ()
virtual double getBinary ()
virtual double getParticipants ()
virtual double getNPartonic ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from StEStructEventReader

Detailed Description

Definition at line 69 of file StEStructMCReader.h.

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