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StEStructMuDstReader Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StEStructMuDstReader:

Public Member Functions

 StEStructMuDstReader (StMuDstMaker *maker, StEStructEventCuts *ecuts, StEStructTrackCuts *tcuts)
void setMuDstMaker (StMuDstMaker *MuDstMaker, bool inChain=true)
void setUseGlobalTracks (bool global=false)
bool setInChain (bool inChain)
bool InChain ()
bool hasMaker ()
virtual StEStructEventnext ()
virtual bool done ()
void setEventCuts (StEStructEventCuts *cuts)
void setTrackCuts (StEStructTrackCuts *cuts)
StEStructEventfillEvent ()
bool fillTracks (StEStructEvent *estructEvent)
bool isTrackGood (StMuTrack *track)
bool isTrackGoodToUse (StMuTrack *track)
int countGoodTracks (int *ndEdx, int *nToF)
void fillEStructTrack (StEStructTrack *eTrack, StMuTrack *mTrack)
- Public Member Functions inherited from StEStructEventReader
bool hasEventCuts ()
bool hasTrackCuts ()
StEStructEventCutsEventCuts ()
StEStructTrackCutsTrackCuts ()
virtual double getImpact ()
virtual double getBinary ()
virtual double getParticipants ()
virtual double getNPartonic ()

Public Attributes

bool mInChain
bool mAmDone
bool mUseGlobalTracks
int mPrimaryVertexId
int mNumGoodTracks
int mhasdEdxCuts
int mhasToFCuts
int mhasPrimaryCuts
int mhasVertexRadiusCuts
TH3F * dEdxBetaBefore
TH3F * dEdxBetaAfter
TH2F * dEdxBefore
TH2F * dEdxAfter
TH2F * ToFBefore
TH2F * ToFAfter
TH2F * PrimaryBefore
TH2F * PrimaryAfter
TH2F * VRadiusBefore
TH2F * VRadiusAfter
Float_t mEta
Float_t mPhi
- Public Attributes inherited from StEStructEventReader

Detailed Description

Definition at line 31 of file StEStructMuDstReader.h.

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