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StEStructSigAnal Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void initArrays ()
void deleteArrays ()
 StEStructSigAnal (const char *inputFile, const char *prefix="")
void newFile (char *inputFile)
void closeFile ()
void getLimits ()
void normalizeCounters ()
void fillHistograms ()
void writeHistograms (TFile *sig)

Public Attributes

int mNPhiBins
int mNEtaBins
float mNFiles
float mEtaMin
float mEtaMax
int mnSigmas
int mnCents
int mnPts
int mnPtCents
StEStructSigmas ** mSigma
char * mInputFile
TFile * mInFile
char * mpreFix

Detailed Description

Definition at line 15 of file StEStructSigAnal.h.

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